Photos from Ed Schultz/John Nichols Racine Visit (June 2012)


I will be playing catch up for quite a while since I have terribly neglected my blog for a bagillion months. BAD blogger!!

Anywho – way back in May I told y’all about my campaign to get Ed Schultz and John Nichols to Racine for GOTV weekend for the Recall Election. Well…(a hundred years later) I am very proud to tell you that they did indeed pay a visit. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it all worked out, but it did. I guess this is one of those cases when being a huge pain in the ass pays off.

I really think that weekend was one of the best in my life. Its definitely up there. The whole election, campaign, all the months leading up to the recall – it was all life changing. And that weekend really put the icing on the kringle.

Here are some photos from that day. I do wish I wore a better outfit tho. Blach.

(slideshow function is having issues – will fix soon)




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