Grieving Our Furbabies


My furbabies.

I adore the show Flipping Out. I want Jeff Lewis to be my BFF and I want to work for him. And hang out with Zoila and Jenny. Love it love it. Don’t watch? That’s okay. You may appreciate this post anyway. Especially if you have ever loved a pet.

I have shared about my losing my best friend, Bob in February of 2011. He was far too young and we lost his sister 2 years prior.

Here are a couple past posts about my babies: Missing Bob So Painfully, Goodbye My Bobby Boy, Saying Goodbye to Brian, The Agony of Losing a Pet….I am sure there were others.

They were only about 2 weeks old when I picked them up from someone’s backyard. Their mother had apparently abandoned her litter. I bottle-fed them until they could eat food. These were my first babies and my best friends.

When Bob died, I was devastated. Luckily, I was able to jump right into the protests days after. It provided the distraction that I needed to protect myself from the heartache. But I still cried every day for a long time. And I still miss him quite a bit and very often. Even have a picture of him in my nightstand.

I held both my furbabies before and as they were being put to sleep. I spoke to and petted them as they drifted away. And both times I collapsed into a blubbery mess on the sterile linoleum flooring.

I know how Jeff feels in these scenes. I said the same words and cried the same tears. And knowing Jeff’s uber-sarcastic, tough personality – it made it all the harder to watch as he went through this familiar devastation. This episode really hit home and conjured up much empathy and nostalgia.

You will see him again, someday, Jeff. I have to believe that because I want the very same thing so badly.

If you have ever loved and lost a pet – I urge you to watch these clips and I dare you to not at the very least get a lump in your throat.



An introduction to Monkey.

Saying goodbye to Monkey. Here is where I LOST MY SHIT.

Jeff reflecting on life with Monkey (and yes, I lost my shit yet again).



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