Well holy hell, eh?

It’s been AGES, darling. But you look MAH-VELOUSSSS.

What a long strange trip this has been, has it not? Well, perhaps not for you…but it has for me and I intend on talking at you about it. I may get long winded, I may ramble…but bear with me, k? It’s been a while.

So…as you may remember…In January of 2011 Wisconsin was overrun by Tea Party fanatics. Our government had become unrecognizable and it was enough to get me off my ass. We attended protests, rallies, marches…all these new and strange events became sort of this “normal” part of life.

I still have the Recall Walker Volunteer lanyard I received when I started collecting signatures hanging on my bedroom mirror.

As the recall election drew near, I became pretty heavily involved with volunteering at our local Democratic office. I knew how important it was to do my part in getting the right people elected on June 5th.

But not only that, I ended up enmeshed into a whole new world I had never expected to visit. Such wonderful people filled that office, filled the sidewalks and worked tirelessly – far, far more than I ever did. These people are golden. Straight up beaming with fucking rays of light. It was remarkable to witness. I think I have made some friends and hope to know these people for a long time.

Friends?? What’s that??!!

While this was a politically fascinating experience, while it was interesting and exciting…it was also life altering for me. I have not belonged to any kind of group in my entire life really. No squads, sororities, teams or clubs for this lil gal. I was always a loner with maybe a couple really good friends. But in the past few years, most of those friends have moved away. Since then, I have been pretty secluded…even for a loner like me. No girls night out…no doing lunches…no book clubs (fuck it, I’d rather watch Real Housewives than read half the time anyway…let’s face it). Nope, just me, Facebook, writing, kids, cats, husband and my favorite escape, television.

So needless to say, this was all quite the social shock. And I was pretty anxious about it all at first. But it soon became my new normal – being around all these fun, smart, passionate, interesting people and for a great cause!! I am excited to get back there soon for the November election. And I have even had some thoughts of possibly ONE DAY running for a local position myself. Perhaps School or County Board…we shall seeeeeee.


As many of you may know, I was working to get Ed Schultz and John Nichols to visit Racine on GOTV weekend. Well…they came 🙂 It was truly a happy and proud day for me. I didn’t think it was going to pan out and at the last minute it did. It pleased many people and in turn made me feel pretty damn good. I will be sharing pictures soon. They were great – personable and appreciative. I couldn’t have asked for more.

They both have been such exuberant pillars in our fight and I thank them wholeheartedly.


from Journal Times

Election night. Whew. Well, I was volunteering more hours for GOTV (the last 4 days before the election) and I was asked to help organize the election night party. Food (thanks Infusinos and Dottie!!), Drink (boxed wine and cash bar…gotta love it) and decorations (note to self – 75 balloons do NOT fit into my Jeep all at once…next time, pick a place NOT across town!!).

It was a mad house. I am not sure how many people showed…but we planned for about 400.

I was able to avoid the TV and news for the most part. I was running my ass off most of the night. And then I caught Barrett conceding when I walked through the bar. Ugh. Total gut punch.  I ran into my editor from Patch and started crying. She hugged me and I tried to buck up. Then I ran into a volunteer friend, Glenda, and started crying again. Another hug and more sucking it up.

It wasn’t over for John Lehman and I decided to focus on that. It must have been around 1am when I saw a couple of staffers walk into the hall with shit eatin’ grins. Hell yea!!! John had won. And I was so thrilled.

I got home at about 3am. Latest. Night. Ever. Well, since my early 20s anyway. When I returned, I found the card below on my pillow (made by Cassidy):


What a sweetheart, eh?

The next day she came home from school and said, “You know, John Lehman won though, right? He shook my hand, remember??!!”

We should find out tomorrow if there will be a recount. Van Wanggaard has still not conceded. I hope we hear otherwise tomorrow. As of now, SENATOR Lehman won by over 800 votes. But they will throw every wrench they can into the works…I don’t expect this to go smoothly. But it will happen. John WILL be sworn in and I hope I am there to see it.

Alright, alright…this got long and I am tired. I will try to write more tomorrow…edge of your seats…I know, I know…


2 thoughts on “The Political Take Over of My Life

  1. Isn’t it great to be so involved Heather? I love it, it is what I was meant to do!! Wish we could make money at it somehow………LOL Met a lot of GREAT people during this one, including you HEATHER RAYNE, and like you I hope to remain friends with them all.

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