So, it was either sleep or blog. Because I am too pissed off and in a vat of self pity to do anything that is actually productive. Thus, I blog.

This morning as I arrived at the Dem office to do some volunteer work (I usually do 1-2 times per week), I received an email asking me if I was interested in staring in a John Lehman ad. I was all excited like I was just asked to the prom or something. Ok…maybe not PROM…but say…a date. Anyway, I got all the details and they were going to come to my home tomorrow morning with a make up person and everything!!

I shouted it out on Facebook because I was all thrilled like. I planned to go buy a new outfit. I contacted Kenzie’s mom to make sure we could have her – I knew she would love to be involved.

Then I remembered the woman from the Walker ads. She is a teacher and said she regretted doing it. People looked up all of her personal info and put it all over the internet. And I realized, it wouldn’t take long for someone to look up CCAP.

If you don’t know about my fear of CCAP – you can READ HERE…it is a long, long story and there were many blogs subsequent to that one. If you want to read more about it – just choose from the Category Menu ‘The Day That Changed My Life‘  Or click HERE (stories are from newest to oldest)

Anyway, I decided to let the producer know of my situation. He wrote back shortly after and said:



Thanks so much for being pro-active and sharing. I think you are correct that it would be better for you not to be public in this way – primarily because it could dredge up bad things for you. I worry too about the potential impact to the campaign.

Thanks so very much for chatting, and for being so conscientious about this. If you know other mothers in Racine schools let us know.
All the best, 
So, needless to say I am pretty disappointed, pretty pissy and really feel like running away.
I just hate that every time I am able to put it all behind me, something else pops up to remind me that this will always be here to fuck up opportunities for me. So…I am just sad right now.

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