So you know how I get those OCD bugs up my ass? Well, a few weeks ago I got one of them right up in there.

I was listening to The Ed Show on the radio and he and John Nichols were discussing a trip through Wisconsin the weekend prior to the June Recall Election. Well, it occurred to me that getting Ed to come to Racine would be a great way to motivate voters. And let’s face it…we wouldn’t be in this position if progressive/liberal voters were more motivated to get their asses to the polls.

I wrote about my Get Ed to Racine Campaign for Patch. I will post below…You can read the published article HERE

Last week I was listening to “The Ed Show” as my husband was on the phone – call after call – with union business. Normally his “union business” consists of a monthly meeting. However, as it sometimes happens, the tides have turned and right now they are confronting a possible strike and are currently working without a contract. Needless to say, these are stressful times.

During “The Ed Show,” Ed Schultz and John Nichols were talking about their upcoming visit to Wisconsin. Ed will be in Madison on June 5, the day of the recall election. But he is planning a trip to various cities around the state prior to the election. As they were discussing, I reached for my laptop and contacted Ed via email.  I explained to him why Racine would make the perfect stop because of our high level of volunteers, our manufacturing history, our huge union presence and, of course, kringle!!

Not even five minutes after sending that email, he spoke about it on the air.

“And how can we leave out Racine? And good ole Local 4611 (my husband’s union which I mentioned in the email)?!” Ed said to John.

John agreed and reminded him that he was actually born in Racine.

I started contacting everyone I know (which, admittedly, isn’t a lot). I knew we needed more than little ole me if we really wanted to start this “Get Ed to Racine” campaign.

Yesterday, I made a petition on to aid in my efforts. In less than 48 hours, I have 86 signatures. Not bad, but not great. I would love to send him an impressive result. But the word is getting out there and I have optimistic hopes.

Ed Schultz is the host of a national radio show and MSNBC’s, The Ed Show. He is a self proclaimed lefty. And he is the biggest voice for progressive politics in America. Many stories ignored by main stream media are covered by Ed. He has reported on the Wisconsin protests from day one. And he has been a strong ally in Wisconsin and has broadcasted from Madison a number of times.

John Nichols is an accomplished author and Washington correspondent who writes for The Nation Magazine. His family still lives in Burlington. He has been reporting on Wisconsin politics throughout the protests and is consistently breaking stories many would never hear without his knowledge, interviews and writing.

Why put the time and energy into this? Couple reasons…

I think an event such as this in Racine would be ideal for motivating people to get to the polls. Voting in this recall election in June is crucial; more so than ever. Many progressives/liberals stayed home for that Fall 2010 election. That is what started this mess. It is imperative that people get to the polls on June 5.

Union solidarity is a concept that has been promoted by Ed from the beginning. Keeping jobs in America and supporting U.S. workers are some of Ed’s top objectives. Sometimes union members and their supporters need reminding and motivation to fight the fight which will have permanent consequences in their lives. If Walker remains, Wisconsin will surely become a Right to Work state. Solidarity is more important now than it has been in decades. An event like this can boost morale in a time when some of our local union men and women are facing a strike.

I also think this could be easily made into a food drive as well. Donations for the Racine County Food Bank would be just another awesome benefit.

I have many great ideas for this event that will no doubt consist of a lot of work and begging. But I am up for it. If you are interested in helping – please contact me. And of course, if you would like to sign and/or share the petition, please do so. You will have my deepest gratitude!!


So, as of right now, the petition has 119 signatures. But better yet, I received an email from Wendy Schultz, wife and producer for his radio show:

Yes…we are putting our trip together….and Ed tells me we will visit Racine! I will keep you posted.
Thanks Heather!
Pretty sweet, eh??
I am anxiously awaiting to hear about a date so we can start planning and begging for all the help I will need. There will be so much to take care of and I want to make this an impressive event. A few of my ideas…
Food (duh), Beer (bigger duh), food drive for Racine County Food Bank, a table with voter info/help including a sample ballot and a computer to look up people’s polling places, a bounce house for kids, local politicians/activists to speak about GOTV (Get Out The Vote) and the importance of recalling Walker, etc.
So, yea…I will need a lot of help, money, donations…all that jazz. But first…I need a date.
I feel positive about all of this, but I am not getting my hopes up. I know all too well how sometimes these things just do not end up turning out…I need to be prepared for that disappointment. But in the meantime…my little brain is workin’ overdrive. Smell the smoke??

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