I am so behind, eh? I speak as though anyone out there really cares about my random blathering updates of my oh so important life. Humor me.

So…Cassidy has an appointment at Children’s this week with a ENT. A few weeks ago she developed scarlett fever…which is a form of strep. It always seems to come back to strep with her illnesses. So, her Dr. suggested that she have a tonsilectomy – thus the ENT appointment. We will see what he as to say. I have been trying to block it out of my mind because the thought of having to make that decision (let alone, her actually having to HAVE an operation) makes me a nervous wreck as I am sure you can imagine.

I think surgery or invasive procedures or serious medications should be a last resort. The thought of her being under freaks me the fuck out. But, she is sick far too often. And it always seems to happen when something is going on in her life…a play, concert, vacation, class party…she misses a lot.

Plus, every time she gets sick, there is a chance of some weird PANDAS symptom reoccuring. So, while I would do pretty much anything to avoid something so severe…I want her to have a healthy, fun childhood. Will a tonsilectomy help make that happen? I don’t know. Hope to have answers after Thursday.

But I’ll tell ya, if I have to watch her roll away into an operating room…I will need heavier medication than she will. UGH…it makes me shudder. My little baby…(sigh).


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