1. RIP Treyvon Martin

2. Me – A “Thug” in a hoodie

3. Fuck you Geraldo, Fox News, Rush and anyone else who thinks it is okay to fatally judge someone based on clothing.


6 thoughts on “I am a Thug in a Hoodie

  1. Are you really that stupid? God, I hope not. He wasn’t shot because of what he wore, nobody said that. Trayvon beat the hell out of Zimmerman to the point where he feared for his life. Zimmerman did what any other man would of done. If you liberals would stop guiding your lives by emotion and instead logic, you would realize how stupid you are.

    1. Hey fuck-faces!! I usually don’t bother responding to moronic name calling. But it seemed like a good time to join in the fun. How about you take a look at the date on this post, eh? This was written WAYYYYY before any real facts came out about the case. And YES many people were stating that it was all about the hood. In fact, some RWNJs still are.

      That being said – y’all can still blow me because I still think Zimmerman should have been convicted and I will be addressing this in a lengthy blog as soon as I get a chance.

      In the meantime, enjoy your lobotomies and try not to get sand in your mouths.

      1. So you think George Zimmerman should have been convicted anyways? Based on what? The whole situatin sucks that it escalated to the point, I feel for the Martins, but that’s no reason to ruin another guy’s life.

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