Many posts today – I know. Trying to catch up with the Patch articles from the past. I will stop for now so not to completely over-do it in one day. Also, the more you click the link to the original article, the better it is for me. They judge one’s work primarily by how many clicks, shares and comments an article has. The more of those I get, the better chances I have of keeping this job. And it is getting iffy. I am down to only one piece a week now. Total bummer. But I guess it is all about budgeting. At least, that is what they tell me…maybe i just suck.

Also, I gave my website a little bit of a facelift. Was getting sick of that same ole design. I spent some time trying to make my own backgrounds and suck…but I have no experience with HTML and I was getting too frustrated. So, I went with one of WordPress’s free themes. I like it…so its all good 🙂 Hope you like it too.

As I look around I see so much that needs fixing and editing. But I get so damn lazy about it!!! Perhaps one day…




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