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2011 was a long, strange trip indeed. Many things changed, but curiously, most everything feels the same. My days seem pretty similar, my nights haven’t transformed. I have the same bills and debt and my bank account is almost identical. My look is indistinguishable from years past and I pretty much wear the same clothes. There isn’t this big metamorphosis to report. But there are pieces of my life which have been altered. Some of those permanent, others are forever changing.

This year I became far more political than I have ever been. I always made sure to vote in the past. I would write a letter to the editor or maybe a blog post about certain social or political issues but aside from that, I stayed out of the fray and never got very involved.

In February, that all changed. I was already upset about the 2010 fall elections that initially propped me out of my seemingly apathetic state. But when I began to learn more, the angrier I became and could no long sit quietly hoping for it all to just go away. And while I am still a sucky activist, I protested for the first time in my life and was engaged in the world around me.

This political inclusion has sadly affected my personal life. I have lost friends, and relationships with some family members have, at times, been rocky. The lack of apathy certainly had a cost.

Also, in February, my cat, Bob, died. He was my best friend and died much too soon due to kidney failure. Bob was a huge part of my life and I think the events in Madison also provided a much needed distraction from the heartbreak of losing him.

It wasn’t until September that I was ready to think about new furry additions to our family and we adopted 2 adult cats. They acclimated wonderfully and fit in beautifully. Grey and Lucy love their new home and we love them being here.

In April, I left a short lived job I despised and got this fantastic writing gig with Patch. It has been great, affording me the flexibility I need for my family and the creative release I often crave. And while it sometimes transports negativity into my life through that little, bright screen; it has given me the opportunity to become more introspective and really evaluate that which I deem important.

This year there was death and birth, loss and gain, tears and laughter. Just like most years past, it was filled with moments of rich experience and pure boredom. It oddly seems to balance out in the end, doesn’t it?

I never read The Secret nor do I know much about the Law of Attraction. But I read a blurb somewhere about vision boards and decided to make one in 2010. Sometimes I am astonished at what changes have occurred since then.

The main issues on my board were: weight loss, writing, quitting smoking, happiness, letting go of the past, financial independence and the happiness of my family. Since making that vision board, I have lost 30 pounds, started writing for Patch, quit smoking, have come to terms with past traumas and see continued improvements within my immediate family. I still cannot claim financial independence…but gesh, 6 out of 7 sure ain’t bad!

So, this New Year I will be creating a new vision board. Much of my focus will be the same – I still need to lose weight, I still want that Hawaiian vacation, I still want happy, healthy kids, I still long for self acceptance and confidence. But there will also be new goals in which to look forward – improved writing skills, expanded outlooks, acceptance of others, gaining true friendships and higher energy will all be some of which I seek in 2012.

All and all, it was a good year. And each year seems to go by more quickly than the last. I am not really sure how that happens, I think it has to do with wormholes and outer space but I’m not sure. All I know is that I am suddenly 37 and coming upon a brand new year…again. Wowzers.

What did your 2011 look like? And what would be on your 2012 vision board?


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