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Repuplicrats and Libtards
Nazi, Thug & Commie
Which title is yours?
Me? I’m just Mommie

Opinions are like A-holes
And your entitled to yours
But speak your words softly
Or you’ll hear slamming doors

In all the virtual dialogue
The distain is just so ripe
Always pushing and shoving
A verbal bomb in the pipe

Can’t we be nice?
Maybe try to get along?
Why such hostility?
Do we not equally belong?

The digs and the jabs
The name calling B.S.
The insults and daggers
A silly playground mess

We don’t have to be friends
We need not see eye to eye
But must we really wish
For our opponent to die?

We can speak our peace
And even shout our views
But our very own reactions
Are for us each to choose

This lib is no worse
Than your GOP mother
That Tea Party member
Is beneath no other

We have all been guilty
Of a comment-land scuffle
So maybe this deck just
Needs a really good shuffle

A New Year is upon us
Bringing us a fair chance
For progress and evolution
Hell, a whole new dance

Let us welcome 2012
With open minds and hearts
Let us find some acceptance
And see the sum of our parts

This socialist, liberal thug
Wishes you the very best
And I hope we can give all
The hate a much needed rest

Happy New Year.  Be safe and enjoy. See ya on the flip side.


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