As some of you may already know, I have been dealing (or trying to deal) with my sensitive bastard of a heart. I have had all the tests, met with cardiologists and electrophysiologists. And I have pretty much been told – deal with it, suck it up, you may have this forever so you need to get over it. Of course, that makes me want to just kick them in the neck and steal all their latex gloves.

While acceptance is indeed an important part of this super fun lollipop journey…I will also forever be searching for ways to feel better.

I have made some changes in the past two months to try to reduce my skips (which are both PVCs and PACs). I get them primarily the 10 days before my period. And occasionally the rest of the month here and there.

Before making these changes, I was having 100 or more a day on bad days. And on REALLY bad days I would have them every couple of beats for an hour or two or three at a time. Sucks ass.

I have spent a lot of time talking with a nutritionist/pharmacist who is wealth of information.

It seems to me (and her) that my issues are hormone and magnesium/mineral related. I also think inflammation is generally something all people need to be concerned about – especially with American diets. inflammation is the cause of many chronic conditions, illnesses and even fatal maladies.

Anywho…here are the changes I have made…

I was eating about 6 cups of baby spinach a day. Apparently it contains a chemical that makes magnesium difficult to absorb. I totally stopped eating it.

I started taking a mineral formula ( Integrative Therapeutics Krebs Ionized Chelates, 100 Tablets: Health & Personal Care) . I take 4 per day for the 2 weeks around my period and 2 per day the other 2 weeks (just to save some money).

I take 2 Tbsp of Aloe INNER LEAF (apparently this is very important…whole leaf is bad…inner leaf/fillet is good) liquid – twice per day the two weeks around my period and once a day the other two weeks.

I take apple cider vinegar. 2 pills a day (or 2 tbsp of liquid…I am going back to liquid after my pills are gone…I think it works better. I noticed a huge difference with PVCs when I started doing the liquid last summer…I think I wrote about it).

I take a bath with 1/2 cup epsom and 1/2 cup baking soda almost every night. And I love my baths…so this is easy for me. I have found some good podcasts to listen to while I sit in there and soak. My favorite right not is The Nerdist. Pretty funny and gets my mind off of junk.

And I have tea with Natural Calm every day/night. I have anywhere from 2-3 tsp per day depending on how I am feeling. This shit it great and I recommend it for anyone dealing with palpitations, anxiety or insomnia. I did have to gradually up my intake because it was heavy hitting at first. Knocked my ass out. Another thing I really like about it is that my dreams are back. I have a history of very vivid, realistic and interesting dreams. I seriously have always loved sleeping because of them. They went away for a while, but now they are back big time. Lovin’ it. All it is is a powdered form of Magnesium Citrate. I have found a cheaper version on Vitacost. Haven’t received it yet, but will let you know if it is the same. Should be.

I strongly feel that all of these things have made noticeable differences. With all of them together…this month was about 80% better than last month. Even during the worst days, I was only have a few skips per day and that was after eating heavy or drinking alcohol.

I am continuing with therapy and reading my anxiety books so that I can continue to learn to accept this condition with full knowledge that it may be with me in some capacity forever.

I also still exercise as I have been doing for years…I use my dreadmill for about 40-60 mins about 5 days per week. I would like to increase my workouts tho…I really need to. Thinking about joining a gym…but I just don’t know if I should…

Sooo…I just wanted to share this with y’all. And I will keep you updated. So far, I am obviously very pleased with the results. But I know it may not last and I am aware of that.

I wanted to add that I have learned that estrogen and progesterone both deplete magnesium significantly. So does stress and cortisol. This I think is the reason SOME people get them more when stressed out, anxious and during PMS time. Lack of magnesium also magnifies PMS/PMDD symptoms a lot – which is def. true for me. I get terrible PMDD.

Beta blockers also deplete magnesium and some Drs recommend taking a mag supplement for patients on a Beta Blocker. I have been taking them (Beta Blocker) for 8 years. These are some of the reasons I think Mag plays a big role in my issues.

I went to Barnes and Noble one night and read a bunch out of a book called The Magnesium Miracle. Lots of good information!!!


P.S. Please know that I have been knocking on wood throughout this entire posting….I HATE the thought of jinxing myself 🙂



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