In February of 2011, I became aware of the so-called “Budget Repair Bill.” I was informed of how it would affect teachers and at the time, that was enough for me to know it was wrong. But I learned more.

I soon realized that this wasn’t only about our educators, but about all public union employees and the attack on their right to collectively bargain. Things were becoming more clear and more blatent. But I learned more.

It was soon after my first protest in Madison I became schooled on the fact that this fight was no longer just about unions at all. Not for me, anyway. To this day, I hear the term “thug” tossed around like pigskin on Thanksgiving. But it was and always has been a patsy thrown to the wolves as a distraction from the approaching devastation of our state. I continue to learn more.

Scott Walker is a killer of progress, but he is not alone. He is merely a cog in the Tea Party machine that is systematically stripping away decades of advancement from our local governments, states and country. These gears, greased by the greed of corporations and religious zealots, have used the media and false prophets to perpetuate hate and anger only to further their agenda.

The one-sided legislation coming out of Madison these past months is nothing short of a corrupt take over. And the laws being introduced and passed are simply pay backs to past and future political contributors.

It was in the interest of their bank accounts to derail any high speed plans. It solidifies donations when the wind energy industry is turned away. Lobbyists are thrilled to have everyone packing heat. And the religious right cannot be more pleased about abstinence only education.

Legislation which has been pushed through the House and Senate have all been bills which promotetheir personal and professional interests. They have solely benefited the likes of the Koch Brothers and ALEC. They have all taken us back to a time of wild west shoot outs and chastity belts.

November of 2010 was the real birth of the Tea Party when they were able to gain enough votes to infiltrate many positions in all levels of government. While they shut out the lights – they took their places behind those desks and before eyes could adjust – the machine was already grinding.

Walker and his buddies have the power and they will use it and abuse it until they are stopped. Why wouldn’t they? After all, when they are recalled or voted out – they will likely have cushy, high paying jobs waiting for them with the corporations they have been pampering.

Walker called for a Special Jobs Session (AKA Back to Work Session) on September 27. Since then, there has not been a single job creating bill passed. They have been using this “Back to Work” Session (which makes a pretty headline for Walker and the GOP) to weasel through social legislation which panders to their corporate cronies.

Thanks to the work of our House and Senate, it will be easy as pie to get away with shooting someone in your home or car. And it will be easier for a neglectful physician to get away with malpractice.

Thanks to our House and Senate, we can have a Capitol Building filled with gun toting visitors. But you may be arrested if you’re packing a camera or holding a sign.

Thanks to our House and Senate, schools can now deny children comprehensive sexual and health education. And they can also help themselves by attempting to roadblock any recall efforts.

You can thank them for all of that, people. But while you’re at it – maybe ask them how many jobs they have helped create. Ask them how stopping cameras and condoms are putting people back to work.

This is a brief drop in the rusty bucket of why I will be doing anything I can to help get Walker and any other Tea Party promoting politicians recalled. November 15 cannot come soon enough and whether or not the recall fight is successful – I couldn’t be any more certain about its necessity.

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