It began in 1973. 3 guys decided to perform some Christmas carols on Monument Square in Downtown Racine. And that was the formation of the Silverstein Brass Band and their annual holiday flash mobs.

A group of about 20 or so guys get together every year, dust off their drums, trumpets and trombones and head to the streets to share some holiday cheer. They go from store to store and surprise people with their impromptu and unannounced performances of Christmas tunes.

Many of the members were a part of the Drum and Bugle Corps. Mostly, they are a bunch of friends who love their tradition.

They typically receive smiles and welcoming reactions. But over the years, they have been asked to leave and at one point even had the police called.

This year, they visited Kohls Department Store, Farm and Fleet, Pick N Save (the new one on 31) and Regency Mall. And like always, they had a blast.

Pictures and video below are from their appearance at Kohls.


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