I can’t stop eating candy. I am pretty sure I have given myself a nice case of diabetes this week. Fuck Halloween!! But it’s almost gone now and things should go back to normal. And thank God because I need to get this damn weight off. But that is all I will say about that.

Cassidy had a stomach flu last week . Ugh. It was awful. I honestly cannot handle it when she is sick. I felt so helpless and she was absolutely miserable. She would lay there and just keep moaning. She would ask me, “Why does this have to happen to people?” or “When is it ever going to end?” I just did whatever I could think of from rubbing her belly to cool head rags to Pepto.

It lasted exactly 24 hours. And the next 24, she was still pretty weak and leery of eating. But it did finally end and she is now back to normal. She did have to miss a field trip to the pumpkin farm, but she was back in shape for trick or treating.

And thus the goddamn candy.


The day after she was at her worst, I started feeling it. I was weak and dizzy. Then a headache started and some queasiness. I couldn’t stand the thought of 24 hours of puking. I started reading on the internet for ways of avoiding this impending hell. And I came across this site in which a handful of people swore than a few tbsps of apple cider vinegar killed their tummy flu. Normally, I would blow it off as wives tale type info. But the ACV helped a lot with my heart palpitations, so I thought – hell, what did I have to lose?! I already take it daily, so I just took extra really. The next morning I felt almost completely better. I took an extra dose again the next day and after that – I was perfectly normal. Well…Heather-normal. I don’t know if it did help or not – but I will definitely try it again!!


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