About a month ago, Charlie and I took our first trip to Vegas. As always, it was nice to get away – just the two of us. The weather was great and our hotel was nice. The scenery out there is beautiful and unfamiliar. But, to be totally honest, we probably will not go back.

We are just not Vegas people. We don’t gamble and we’re cheap. Everything there is outrageously expensive. I used to hear how you could get a prime rib dinner for like 5 bucks out there. My dad used to talk about it. But that isn’t how it is any more. One day it cost us 36 bucks for 2 subs and some soup at a take out joint. Honestly, everything was ridiculously pricey.

Then there is the party atmosphere – which was clearly no secret. But I didn’t realize how tired we would feel. The heat, all the walking and the 2 hour time change really left us feeling lazy as hell. We were in our room by 11 each night. See, we are people who like to relax and not be on a schedule. We don’t like to feel like we have to be doing something constantly. We like to lay around on the water or sit by a fire or relax in a hot tub. We don’t want to dress up, spend all of our money and run ourselves ragged. I guess we didn’t fully realize that until we were there.

I thought Vegas would be something different, something new. I figured it was one of those place you just HAD to go before you die. And it was interesting and neat. The hotels/casinos are quite something. But honestly, one day of all that is enough. The whole time we were there I was fanticising about floating on the boat down the Wisconsin River. I guess we are just boring 🙂

That all being said – it wasn’t awful. I do wish I had picked a different place to vacation since who knows when will be the next time without kids. But we had a decent time…ate some good food, saw a great comedy show (Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club), enjoyed our hotel and its mall (Planet Hollywood) and our drive out to the Hoover Dam was nice. We are just not Vegas people, that’s all.

Pictures below…

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2 thoughts on “Our First Trip to Vegas – September 2011

  1. thank you for the virtual tour of Vegas. That was enough for me. 🙂 We’re not Vegas people either. Went to Wisconsin Dells in August for my parent’s 55th anniversary (w/ the whole clan) It was non stop “go -go-go” for everyone else (and I felt a lot like you just described) Everything was expensive, I did not feel like standing in front of a slot machine throwing away my hard earned $, A nice quiet walk, sitting in the Jacuzzi and people watching was more our speed.

    1. See, the Dells I can easily handle. I mean, I couldn’t stand to do a water park for more and a day or so…but being lazy on the Wisconsin River or site seeing – that is fine by me. Vegas was just too much. A day of it would have been great – but that’s it. Just not my thang. And it isn’t like I don’t like city life, I do. I cannot wait to see NY. And I LOVE going to Boston. Just not a Vegas gal 🙂 Sitting in a jacuzzi sounds REALLY nice…man!! Now I keep thinking about it….

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