Meet the New Members of Our Litter…


Last week we adopted 2 cats from Countryside Humane Society. They are getting along great. I had planned on separating them for a while until they adjusted. But right out of the carriers they went up to each other (a picture of their meeting below) with no issues at all. They are both amazingly friendly and loving. Very social and affectionate. They slept in our bed beginning day one – never once has either of them hid. We have been so lucky.

I had the names picked out for a long time – long before meeting the cats. I wanted to use the names I would have used had I had more children. Lucy Lee and Grey Edward.

Unfortunately I had to name the grey one Grey because he is a boy. I just didn’t think I could pull off Lucy for a boy even tho my Brian was a girl. Anyway, he has the biggest cheeks ever. He is two and was a stray. He has had a upper respiratory infection since bringing him home. He’s been to the vet and has had a round of antibiotics. Its pretty icky. I have never had a cat with this illness before. Very snotty and sneezy and gross. He is getting better thankfully. But it isn’t gone yet. It sure hasn’t stopped him from being in good spirits tho. He purrs constantly.

When we first saw Lucy, I cried. At first look, she was SO similar to Bob that it really freaked me out. In fact, it was a reason I did not want to pick her. But the rest of my family argued and won. She is a total sweetheart. VERY fat and needs to be on a diet.  She is so fat it takes her like 10 minutes to gain the momentum to jump onto the bed.  She is a year and a half and was surrendered by her family who could no longer afford her.

We love them both and they love being here. Very happy about our decision. It’s nice having pets again. My heart and home felt empty for a while. But I needed time to get over my Bob…who I still miss so much.

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About Heather Rayne

I am a mom, wife, writer, volunteer, eater of food, lover of animals and avid TV enthusiast. I am opinionated, honest, compassionate and sensitive. I can also be difficult, hard headed and emotional. I consider myself to have a great sense of humor and am very attracted to that in others. I am striving to live an authentic life. I am attempting to learn how to find happiness in the now. I always have hope to be a better person. That being said - I can be vulgar, negative and even a little bitchy at times. I say what I mean and my filter is often dysfunctional. With me, what you see is what you get. I have strong opinions and am quick to speak my mind. This can cause problems from time to time but I do not ever intend to hurt or offend anyone. With that - be warned. I do hope you enjoy my site. Thanks for visiting and have a swell day.

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