Has your sense of humor been ignored? Have you stopped sending Christmas cards to your creativity? Is the keyboard sick of being used merely for Facebook updates? Then perhaps you need to recharge, dust off your funny bone and enter Over Our Head Players’ Snowdancecompetition.

Whether comedy writing is a daily occurrence or something you have always contemplated – this is the perfect opportunity to create, spread laughter and possibly win a few buckaroos.

The following were participants from last year who proudly accepted prizes:

3rd Place went to George Sauer of Dedham, Massachusetts for Jock Itch.

2nd Place went to David Field of Palisades, California for Sticky Buns.

The 2011 $300 First Place Best in Snow award went to Mary Tompsett from Racine for Granny and the Little Man.

I asked Mary how she felt about participating in and winning last year’s event.

“I had a blast writing the script, and winning was a huge thrill. I’ve been writing a humor column for several years (carried in several places) but Granny and the Little Man was my first stage script,” Mary goes on to describe her winning comedy, “In it, an elderly woman is babysitting her great-grand baby and receives a call from a telephone surveyor. She completely misunderstands what the survey is about, so her answers are way off base in response to questions about condom use!”

As you can see, you need not put on your prude hat and chastity belt while writing your Snowdance entry. Well, unless of course that is the look you are going for…and if so, good luck with that. OOHP’s Snowdance is a laid back, no holds barred operation with a fairly simple goal.

“One of our goals with Snowdance is to bring America’s comedy pulse to the shores of Lake Michigan, offering a diverse experience for our audience that represents the most current theatrical trends,” explains OOHP’s Artistic Director, Rich Smith, who has lead the production since its inception 8 years ago.

What is Snowdance exactly? It is a 10 Minute Comedy Festival which is showcased to the public more than 20 times during the entire run which will be January 27th – February 26th this year. The production is preformed by the OOHP Snowdance ensemble at Sixth Street Theatre in Downtown Racine. After each performance, audience members will vote for their favorite 10 minute comedy. Three winning playwrights will be determined and announced at the end of the production immediately following the last performance. For full rules and further explanation, see HERE.

So, no matter your age, no matter your sex…whether you are from Kansasville or Kansas City if you know how to make ’em laugh its time to roll up your sleeves and start your knee slappin’ masterpiece.

For more information, visit the OOHP’s WEBSITE or call 262.632.6802.


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