I was snarked at on Facebook about my post from yesterday concerning Joel. I feel I was very sensitive with my post and said nothing hurtful whatsoever. I am very confused as to why anyone would be angry with what I said. I shared nothing secretive or scandalous. I shared nothing that I truly believe he would have cared about. Otherwise I never would have wrote it. I never EVER go out of my way to hurt another person and in fact, quite the opposite. I care very much about the feelings of others. So, even without understanding why – I took down the post. And I will apologize to anyone who it may have bothered. I was simply trying to authetically pay tribute.


I just have to add….I am in tears right now. The thought that I could have hurt people who are going through such a hard time really upsets me. I carefully tread through life empathizing with others. I hate seeing people in pain more than you know. I honestly cannot understand what was so awful about my post. But it clearly was awful because now I have been “defriended” myself. I suppose it is cruel irony. I just wish I knew what I had done.


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