Changin’ My Ways


I am going to try something new.

Ever since I started blogging in…what 2006?…I pretty much “journaled” chronologically. One post would be about EVERYthing that was on my mind that given day. I did not separate my posts according to topic – the journal-ish posts, I mean. I have noticed through the years that it is more typical for writers to create shorter blogs about one subject and simply have more posts per day/week/month. I suppose I never did that simply out of laziness. Also, I write how I speak. This blog (aside from articles and letters and such) has been a conversation with you. It isn’t a planned structure or edited essay. I simply write in the same manner as I would be speaking if you were in front of me. Only difference being my annoying hand gestures and faint scent of garlic. Normally in conversation one doesn’t pause and create a new moment when the subject changes. However, in writing, perhaps this is best. So, I shall try it. Let’s see if it lasts further than today. So, I guess that means on to a new post.


About Heather Rayne

I am a mom, wife, writer, volunteer, eater of food, lover of animals and avid TV enthusiast. I am opinionated, honest, compassionate and sensitive. I can also be difficult, hard headed and emotional. I consider myself to have a great sense of humor and am very attracted to that in others. I am striving to live an authentic life. I am attempting to learn how to find happiness in the now. I always have hope to be a better person. That being said - I can be vulgar, negative and even a little bitchy at times. I say what I mean and my filter is often dysfunctional. With me, what you see is what you get. I have strong opinions and am quick to speak my mind. This can cause problems from time to time but I do not ever intend to hurt or offend anyone. With that - be warned. I do hope you enjoy my site. Thanks for visiting and have a swell day.

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