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For the past month – even peppered throughout my vacation – I have been slightly addicted to the ultimate of reality television…REAL reality. Though I cannot claim to have had stood in line for hours or have run through a trampling crowd in hopes for a seat, I can say that the Casey Anthony trial has held my attention more than any other televised proceeding.


Casey Anthony is a young woman from Orlando, Florida who has been accused and charged of murdering her 2 year old daughter, Caylee. The country was riveted when Caylee Anthony went missing 3 years ago. Search parties were formed, as were allegations and pointed fingers. Lavish stories were conceived by Casey Anthony from day one. Though she claimed her daughter was kidnapped by a woman who was eventually found not to exist, she spent 31 days living the life of leisure instead of searching for her toddler. This is because she already knew there was no finding Caylee Marie Anthony.


The prosecution claims that Casey killed her young child in hopes for a life of freedom. She has been caught spinning so many elaborate lies that the state is convinced she is not to be trusted – or even considered a person with a conscience. They have proof that during those 31 days, Casey spent her time partying, drinking, socializing and sleeping over at her boyfriend’s house. During that time, she would tell her mother that she and her daughter were in different Florida locations so that she would not be confronted by her mother who was seeking contact with her granddaughter.


The state has proved that the Anthony family’s computer showed 84 searches regarding chloroform which has been suggested to have been used on Caylee occasionally so that Casey could go out at night. They have also proved, for the most part, that there was a decomposing human body in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car.


The defense argued a surprising story. Casey Anthony’s attorney claims that Caylee died accidentally after drowning in the family pool. They state that Casey and her father planned the disposal of Caylee’s body after the accident, out of fear that Casey’s mother would never forgive the neglect which subsequently led to her granddaughter’s death. But never once during the trial did they explain how, why or when this was planned or executed. It is their theory and the attorney contends they need not prove anything – that responsibility lies on the state.


The defense team, however, had to explain the odd behavior of Casey before, during and after Caylee’s absence. Their explanation? They decided to accuse Casey Anthony’s father of molesting her throughout her childhood. They claim it is the abuse and unstable home life that taught and encouraged Casey to become a pathological liar. Again, there was not one shred of evidence that would lead anyone to believe these accusations are true.


As of this very moment, I am listening to the end of closing arguments. I do not know how the jury will decide. There is no way to predict. This is a death penalty case and clearly, caution will be used at every turn. This will be an emotional decision – but hopefully one based on fact.


I have wavered on the topic of the death penalty my entire adult life. While I like to believe I am against it – I do realize I would likely feel very differently if someone I loved was hurt or killed.


I am also very careful not to jump into believing indictments simply because they have been made. I always try to keep the mindset that both sides are doing anything they can to win – regardless of truth. I stay aware in my knowledge that one accusation can easily spin out of control and ruin the lives in its path. I make great effort not to jump on those witch hunt band wagons. Because of these things, in the beginning, I tried to give Casey Anthony the benefit of the doubt. I wondered,’how would I react if my child died? Maybe I would go nutty and start doing odd things too. Who are WE to say how a scared, grief stricken mother should behave?’


But then I started watching the trial. Day by day it became clear that these behaviors were not acted out of grief. What I did start to see was a clear version of sociopathic pathologies. Casey Anthony cries conveniently and only when the discussion is about her. Her face is made of stone and emotionless most other times. She has no reactions to the gut wrenching breakdowns of her family members as they take the stand.

I do not know if it was premeditated or intentional. But Casey Anthony killed that little girl. And she allowed her attorney to throw her family – the only people who stood by her – under the bus, over and over and over again. This woman has no conscience. She lives in Casey world and the only things that matter is that which effects HER. She may have loved her daughter; when she was fun, cute and convenient. When it benefited Casey to love her. But when she got over that novelty of motherhood, she decided to rid herself of the burden. And her ego was so inflated that she just assumed she could lie her way out and get away with it. Well, she didn’t. Not yet anyway. And I will be waiting for the jury to come back with a guilty verdict – death penalty or not.


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