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Growing up in Kenosha, Jay Wright, found his inspiration in the lot of a dealership on his way to work at American Motors. A Dodge van with an airbrushed mural flicked a switch within him. That single day in the mid 70s changed Jay’s path forever.


After the vision of that muraled van, he decided to sell his bike for an airbrush and was quickly snatched up by Braggin Wagon in Rhode Island. He was crusin’ down the road towards lifetime of art, vehicles and family.


Since 1994, Jay has run CPV in Sturtevant with his wife, Donna and son, Steve. CPV has seen many successes and has received national recognition. After some praying and requests for spiritual blessings, Jay was contacted by Cris Angel’s Mind Freak team to design a theme based vehicle.


“We asked God to bless our endeavors so that we could have the means to raise our family to honor him. Part of what I personally prayed about was for the company to gain a “name” in our chosen field,” describes Jay, “Soon after that I was contacted by a marketing consultant who offered us the Mind Freak job.”


Not long after, they were also employed to do a project for Cheaptrick and are now being hired by Corey Hart of the Brewers to do Christian based work for him.


“They’ve painted everything from motorcycles to custom cars to boats and even helicopters! They are one of the only shops in the Midwest qualified to repair certain colors that Harley Davidson uses. They are known for being able to match almost any color. This is very important because of all the insurance repair work they do for the motorcycle industry,” praises customer, Jhan Dolphin.


When Jay is not working, he finds time for writing and rocketry. He also enjoys time with his family: Daughter, Stephany, her husband, Jason, daughter in law Dana and mentioned before, son Steve. Between his two children, he has become a grandfather seven times. And we mustn’t forget Diesel, the family lab. They are looking forward to spending time in Dells and fishing this summer.


Jay believes that one can overcome negative thoughts with a positive attitude.


“We need to listen to that inner voice which says, “Yes, you can”, instead of the negative one that says, “Are you kidding, that will never happen.” People always told me that airbrushing on vehicles was a trend which wouldn’t last. They said it was no way to make a living and support a family.”


Clearly, Jay proved them wrong with a little prayer, hard work, strong family and an artistic soul.


If you are interested in the work CPV could do for you, please visit their WEBSITE or call 262.835.0035


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