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Today, Fireman’s Park in Sturtevant hosted the Racine County Girls Fast Pitch League Annual Pinto All-Star Game. 40 girls, ages 8-11, from all over Racine County (Wind Lake, Union Grove, Raymond, Yorkville, Sturtevant and Caledonia) participated in 4 contests and ended the day with a game in the warm evening sun.


The contest winners were as follows:


Hitting Competition

1st Place – Grace Henrichs 133′ 9”

2nd Place – Arianna Singer 120′ 2”


Throwing Competition

1st Place – Annie Rebernik 95′ 8”

2nd Place – Ashley Andersen 90′ 2”


Running Competition

1st Place – Bailie Weis 11.55 seconds

2nd Place – Mikayla Brim 11.9 seconds


Pitching Competition

1st Place – Ashley Andersen 43 mph

2nd Place – Samantha Willcomm 36 mph


This year’s competition pitted Lady All Stars against Lady Super Stars. The teams were made up of 4 girls from 10 different teams: Caledonia Daydreamers, Caledonia Robins, Raymond Thunder, Raymond Bandits, Union Grove Glory, Union Grove Sunbirds, Sturtevant Diamonds, Sturtevant Starz, Wind Lake Cardinals, Yorkville Blitz, . The girls were voted the best on their home teams which is how they were chosen to play in the tournament.


Today’s championship ended with tight score of 19-18 with the All Stars taking the win in the bottom of the sixth inning.


The girls said they had a lot of fun. Some even said it was their favorite game ever,” said Stephanie Waiss.


This was Stephanie’s 3rd year involved with the annual event. She is the President of the Sturtevant Youth Baseball Association (SYBA).


This is Sturtevant’s second year in a row hosting the game. And the park is really ideal for it.


The event was a lot of fun for all. Everyone enjoyed the extra fanfare such as the music between innings, the batter announcements and the scoreboard. Most Pinto teams do not have an opportunity to play on a field with a scoreboard, much less all the other fanfare.”


Stephanie’s daughter participated in today’s festivities with the Sturtevant Starz, the team she coaches.


At the end of the night, game balls were given to the four girls who hit home runsssss: Kearra McNeal of the Sturtevant Starz, Anna Peterson of the Raymond Bandits, Brianna Miller of the Calendonia Daydreamers, and Chase Rosenow of the Union Grove Glory.


SYBA will be hosting the Junior and Senior Championships next weekend.


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