Imagine a heavenly place with soft music, dim lights, the faint smell of lavender. Imagine walking through the door with tight shoulders, a headache and achy feet. Imagine leaving soon after with glowing skin, lower blood pressure and a toothy smile. Sounds too good to be true, I know. Wiping away the stresses of our days can be difficult to envision. Luckily, you can simply make an appointment with New Image Total Body Spa and live out that which you have imagined.


In 2001, Shelly Janke graduated from Rocky Mountain Laser College. Already a licensed Electrologist since 1991 – she knew that she was headed down that epidermal highway. She continues her education consistently with seminars and additional training.


Shelly has owned several businesses in Mount Pleasant throughout the past two decades. First was New Image Electrolysis Clinic which resided in several locations before eventually opening New Image Total Body Spa in 2007. Located at 5735 Durand Avenue, Shelly loves her location. Like many, she adores the country feel amongst the city amenities.


While working as an Electrologist, Shelly worked with many skin types and clients having a variety of needs such as microdermabrasion, extractions & chemical peels (hey, sign me up for all of it!!).


“I just thought, how perfect would it be to have a relaxing spa environment to get laser treatments, skin care, manicures and massages! I wanted to create a place of positive energy where clients could walk in and be totally relaxes and leave all their stresses at the door while still providing medical and therapeutic services,” Shelly explains her business motivation.


With 4 laser technicians/electrologists, 4 massage therapists, 4 nail technicians, 6 estheticians, 1 acupuncturist, 1 permanent makeup artist, 6 receptionists and a Medical Director – Shelly loves her spa family. And that line up just goes to show that this spa has left no hot stone unturned – a service for anyone and everyone!!


Running this business has not been all laughs and rub downs for Shelly. During the financial collapse in 2008, times were really tough. And she says that she certainly does not spend her days being pampered.


“It is a myth that if you own a spa you get pampered all day. I do try their services but I rarely get to really relax at the spa because it is work.” But when she does get those moments, lasers and massage is where it is at for Shelly, “I personally love laser treatments because that is what I do. We can change people’s lives by not only getting rid of something they don’t like but we change the way they feel about themselves. But getting a great massage is awesome too!!”


When it is all said and done, family is what matters to Shelly most. She is the very proud momma of Amber, 8, and Brandon, 2. As I write this piece, she is enjoying her very first girl’s trip with her daughter and mother-in-law in Disney World. She also remembers one of her finest moments with her father.


“When I was remodeling the spa, my father lived with me for 3 months to help out with the construction. We bonded on a different level that meant more to me than I can describe.”


From decorating the entire spa to gardening to building confidence to creating a gorgeous family, Shelly knows how to spread beauty…eliminating one weed or wrinkle at a time.


If you are interested in one of the many services New Image Total Body Spa has to offer, please visit their WEBSITE or call 262.886.5727

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