Today I went to Boston Store and, just for the hell of it, decided to look around. I don’t think I have ever purchased anything there. But I think I might tomorrow!!

I found this dress. I always wanted a red dress. I had designed a red, satin dress that I wanted to wear for prom. But, I never went to prom. Or any other formal dance for that matter – not one. So, how fun to wear a red dress to a reunion instead 🙂 Again, it is not my reunion, but Charlie is only one year older and I don’t even think my class is planning one for next year.  Same school – so I basically know just as many in that class as in mine. As far as who is going…I have no clue.  But that is not the point. I just want to wear a red dress.

But is this the right red dress?? Never a style I would think to pick out normally. But I do kinda like it…would love to hear what you think. A sales woman told me that there will be a coupon in tomorrow’s paper. So I had them hold it and I think I may go back tomorrow to get it.


I stopped into GNC to get some organic apple cider vinegar. I have been reading wonderful things including evidence that it helps heart irregularities. I have vinegar everyday in my salad anyway, so what the hell. ANYWAY…they had it for much cheaper than expected. BUT I made the mistake of asking someone a question and BAM!! I ended up with a weight loss kit. LOL. I never fall for these guys. But it was actually very similar to something I was recently considering but was a bagillion times more expensive so I decided against it.

It is basically packets of supplements to take in AM and PM…very benign supplements and all which I have taken in the past or do take now (Chromium, CLA and Creatine). It also comes with a stimulating-ish vitamin but I will just toss those out. And the main part are these meal replacement shakes. They are much healthier than say, Slimfast. Barely any sugar, lots of fiber and 10 grams of protein. And only 180 calories. I will start it tomorrow. You are suppose to eat 5-6 small meals and 2 of these meals are supposed to be the shakes. I will just see how it goes. Anyway, it was 50% off and quite cheap for what I got…so I figured I would try it.  We shall see…


I got so little sleep last night that I am already fading. So, I will talk at ya later 🙂 In the meantime…I am going to share a couple of songs I’m really diggin’ right now…enjoy….


3 thoughts on “Dresses, Shakes and Tunes

  1. Love Love Love it…. I hope you decide to stick with it- I think it looks GREAT!!!! Be proud, you have a great figure and flaunt it- especially the chest I WISH I had….

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