Alright. It is time to pick out a dress for my husband’s reunion. This morning has SUCKED!! I feel like a line backer fat ass in all of these. This morning has confirmed my need for breast reduction surgery for sure!! Anyway, these are my only options. So I will have to sit and stand carefully, keeping my arms at my side and sucking in all night…but here they are…let me know which you think is the best choice. Thanks guys.


4 thoughts on “Choosing a Dress…Need Help!!

  1. You guys rock. Thank you. Take a look at the new pic I am posting in a bit. For the hell of it I went to Boston Store and looked around. I found one I really like. I had them hold it for me.

    Qik – I am going to email my response to you…you will see why…

  2. I like the pinky peach – it’s says fun and perky. I am very intrigued by the pattern dress, it looks very fashionable and artistic. Maybe you got it traveling to some where exotic or sophisticed. Would be a far more interesting dress and it could even spark conversation with new people. It you have any colored heals that flow with pattern colors would be cool. Or you could be like Helene Bonham Carter and wear to different colored heals – lol. You would look great in any of the dresses – but that’s my two cents.

  3. Heather I think all of the dresses are pretty but I really like the plain light green one or the black one the best. The 2nd pic of the green one really looks flattering on you… Gosh, I so relate to everything you are saying, I have my brother’s wedding at the end of the month, I am not privileged enough to have been asked to stand up in it by his fiancee so now I have to find a dress that is appropriate for church and the reception- I didn’t want to be her bridesmaid but it sure would have made it easier picking out a dress because we all would have looked stupid then. Now I need to find something to wear and I am having the same issues as you- my sister is a skinny little bitch and will look better than me no matter what I wear so…. Damn I relate to you so much in so many aspects of your life!

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