My step daughter won a great award last week and here is a story I did for Patch about her.

On March 13, Mackenzie Geyer was Mount Pleasant/Sturtevant Patch’s very first Whiz Kid. On June 9, she proved herself to once again be a young lady deserving of applause. Applause. Not applesauce. She doesn’t care for it.

Granted, I may be a tad biased when saying that Mackenzie is clearly on a path to a successful, positive and fun-filled educational career. As my stepdaughter since the age of 14 months, she has been an outstanding gal.

Last week, Mackenzie’s 5th grade class at Gifford Elementary honored the graduates as they crossed the bridge to middle school. During the ceremony, Mackenzie was shocked to hear her name called as one of 5 winners for the Gilmore Award. One child from each 5th grade class (each with approximately 30 students) wins the award every year.

“I was surprised! I had no idea they were going to call my name!” said Mackenzie, “I was really happy that I won an award, but I felt bad for the kids who didn’t.”

That is typical Mackenzie, always thinking of the feelings of others.

Along with The Gilmore Award Trophy, MacKenzie received a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card. She was also nominated for the Spirited Award, one of five out of 150 students. She also walked away with a medal for Peer Mediation and of course, her 5th grade Completion Certificate.


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