In the 90s, I remember listening to the Monica Lewinsky tapes on television. This was before having been exposed to any reality TV and this was the ultimate in voyeuristic entertainment. 

Back then, I defended Clinton to the death. Well, not literally as we are both still breathing (knock on wood). But I could see the good he had accomplished and the potential for further success had it not been interrupted with what I considered nonsense. That was between Bill, Hilary, Monica and the cigar. Period.

On my honeymoon in 2003, I watched most of the democratic primary debates. I was intrigued and impressed with John Edwards and subsequently supported him wholeheartedly for President in later elections. When I learned of his affair and love child AND his denial of said child, I was speechless. I was quite disappointed that he could let his “desires” come between the American people and a great candidate.

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