This is an excerpt from my latest editorial on Patch. You can read the full story HERE. Would love to hear your comments.

…As long as our own government, political and religious leaders, teachers and other authoritative figures allow, condone or make prejudicial legislation, this ignorant and fear based bigotry will never cease. Gay bullying has become a fatal concern in America. FATAL!!! IN AMERICA!! How can this be?? We toot our horns and tell the world how progressed we are, how enlightened we are, how much better we are. Yet we are plagued with an archaic and dangerous mindset.

It is no longer just the radical members of our communities we need to avoid, oppose or teach; now we have to do the same with our very own leaders. Our beautiful State Capital is now a boarding house for the encouraged harassment of those who need the most protection: the poor, minorities, students, the elderly and the homosexual people of our state have become Governor Walkers personal and political whipping posts…..


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