I have just learned that someone I highly respect, like and appreciate died over the weekend. Her name is Tricia Seidler and she was my Nurse Practitioner at All Saints. I would see her as often as my I would my regular doctor – as would Charlie and the girls. I saw her often while I was trying so hard to lose weight during those years not long ago. She helped me with all kinds of problems. She was funny, so personable, very respectful and would spend so much time with me. I never felt rushed in any way. I genuinely enjoyed seeing her.

I tried to always send her (and my Dr./her RN) a Christmas card and when we have the money to do so, a small gift. I am so glad that I took the time to tell her I appreciated her. And this only confirms for me the importance of that. We MUST tell people how we feel now. At any moment it can be too late. Tell those you love that you love them. Tell those you appreciate that you appreciate them. Our days are short on this earth and you really do not want to be left knowing you said nothing.

She was 37 years old for Christ sake!! A husband and two little boys. Why does this happen?? As you may know, my biggest fear is sudden death at a young age. I have been told by many for years how irrational this fear is – hell, she could have been one of the people who told me that. But LOOK!! How can it be irrational when it clearly happens!!

HERE is Tricia’s obituary. I will be writing a tribute to her on Patch once I feel the time is right and talk to someone she worked with. If anyone else reading this knew Tricia and would like to share a few words, a story – anything…please contact me.

This is so upsetting, heartbreaking and shocking. And I only knew her in a professional capacity. I cannot imagine what her family is going through. My heart goes out to them.


4 thoughts on “The Loss of a Great Medical Professional, Mother and Woman

  1. Amanda – It sounds like we have more in common than being patients of Tricia. She also helped me with my anxiety/depression issues especially when it came to the medications and trying to lose they weight they had caused. I cannot stop thinking about her and her family. I was going to go to the funeral tonight, but I have chickened out.

    As I mentioned, I am writing a tribute to her and I was wondering if I could quote you in the piece? Please let me know – cheers44@hotmail.com

    Thank you for responding and I hope you are doing better with the anxiety.

  2. I also saw tricia as my nurse practioner. I was going through a terrible time with an anxiety disorder and she was always there to reassure me that I would be okay. The last time I saw her i broke down because I was so upset about my condition. She gave me a shoulder to cry on. Not many doctors take the time to share stories and chat when you are in their office. She was always willing to spend as much time with her paitients and never rush them out of the office. She will truely be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

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