So, yea. I told you about my first editorial on Patch. It was up for about a day before the discussion portion had to be shut down. The comments were getting personal and mean. They do not want it to turn into the disrespectful hot mess that is the JT blogs I am certain. This is the note the editor made when she had to ax the comments:

I had to close down the comments on a story on the MP/S website because the tone was hostile and personal. This upsets me because I hate censorship, and this feels a little like censorship, but also because we are not a blog where anything and everything will be tolerated. It is one thing to express an opinion about an issue or present your own side of an argument. It is quite another to express an opinion about the writer and turn from civil discourse to vitriol.

So it really sucks that people have to be so damn hateful. I just don’t know where all this hostility comes from. I really don’t. I am not a mean person. I help just about anyone anytime I can. I think of others constantly. I know for a fact I do not deserve it. I simply need to grow a thicker skin. I am glad to know that Patch will not allow the horrendous shit TJT allows. Its like a hot bed of evil on those forums. But people will still be mean and I will have to just deal with it.

A lot of the comments contained questions…many to which I had answers. But I refused to continue the back and forth. It was a COMPLETE waste of time. I mean, one of the commenters referred to himself as James Hoffa. Of COURSE he will hate every word from my liberal lips.

Another thing…that piece had to be edited from 1200 words to about 450. Less than HALF. Maybe some of those questions would have been answered…I don’t know. Probably not really now that I think about it..because I don’t think they really read it at all. One lady even said she had no interest in reading it LOL. Moron.

Anyway…here is the full piece before editing…

 This is the first piece for my new editorial column. Because this is opinion based and we have yet to get to know one another, I felt I should make a quick introduction. Married, kids, yada yada…you can see my bio for that. What I want to introduce is full disclosure of what I’m about when it comes to speaking my mind.

I have never owned a business. I have never held political office, local or otherwise. I have never been a member on any kind of board. And at 36, I have yet to finish my half accomplished bachelors degree. Instead of balancing budgets, I have balanced check books. Instead of reconciling deficits, I have reconciled credit card debt. The only election I have ever won is that of Homeroom Representative at Horlick High School. I do not pretend to be some high brow intellectual or a snooty know it all. I am flawed, make mistakes and have even been known to flip flop once or twice.

I am not a member of any political party. I have always prided myself in being an independent. Fiscally, I lie somewhere in the middle. Socially, pretty liberal. I am highly intuitive and that comes in quite handy from time to time. I am not affiliated with any religion, but I am spiritual (how cliché, right?) and believe there is more to it all than just ‘this’.

As time briskly speeds by, ideals change, thoughts progress, experiences are had and knowledge is gained. Through this odyssey, I write. I express my perceptions authentically. And even if you do not appreciate the content of my writing…I do hope that you can recognize my honestly, humanity, humor and humility.

Nice to meet ya.

(now, let me put on my poncho before the tomato tossing ensues)

I am voting for Joanne Kloppenburg for State Supreme Court Justice on April 5th. I know, I know. A liberal voting for Kloppenburg – how odd. But I will have you know that even when a race is partisan (which this one is not…supposedly) I have never voted straight ticket. Yea, I may have voted for all democrats in a given year…but I honestly vote on the issues. It is not my fault that the stances most republicans take are wro…I mean, conflicting with my sensibilities.

Judge Kloppenburg is a remarkable candidate whom I feel can bring much needed civility and maturity to the court. The most recent debate between Prosser and Kloppenburg on Wisconsin Public Television confirmed my choice ten fold. Joanne Kloppenburg promotes the need for transparency when it comes to campaign donations and case recusal. She wants to keep elections free of ‘big special interest groups’. She has worked with as many Republican Attorney Generals as she has Democrats. She has a very well respected, impartial history with the courts. And while I feel she desperately needs the services of What Not to Wear‘s Clinton and Stacy…my gut tells me she is a admirable person with the best of intentions and incredible integrity.

I wish I could say that my vote is strictly based on her positives rather than also considering Justice Prosser’s misdeeds. But I cannot.

1. Justice Prosser did INDEED (regardless of a recent letter from one of the victims…who knows if that was paid for) help an obvious child molesting priest slip away from prosecution allowing him to go on to molest more children. He did not want a scandal in the middle of his run for State Assembly. He did not want to alienate the catholic church. He did not want to try a case which he may have lost – giving his court record a black mark. Maybe he really liked Lawrence Welk (the molesting priest’s brother). I cannot prove the whys. No one can. But he dropped the ball and kids were hurt. Everyone makes mistakes and wishes they would have done things differently at some point in their lives (my list is a mile long). BUT it is when one does not recognize and acknowledge those mistakes which causes me shake my head and tsk like a summertime sprinkler.

2. Destroy the Bitch. Oh wait, no. That’s not what he said. What he said was that Chief Justice Abrahamson was a “bitch” and that he would destroy her. That’s it. Sorry. Would this be acceptable where you work? Can you go to the office and tell your boss he is an ****** and then threaten him? Gosh, I sure hope not. Not only is it unacceptable in any workplace…it is jaw droppingly shocking that this would happen in the highest court in our state. These people are some of the most powerful in the country. The fact that he could not hold his temper, speak respectfully in a professional situation, resorted to such a lame misogynistic term as though it was like carbon dioxide leaving his lips…well, isn’t that enough to realize he should not remain in the position he currently holds?

3. Oh, YouTube. Where would we be without you? We wouldn’t be privy to Prosser’s speech at this years Lincoln Day Dinner in Rock County…that’s where. In his speech he goes on and on and on (you get the idea) about how the courts must NOT be politicized (I just banged my fist on the table…all gavel-like). The courts must remain nonpartisan!! But something confuses me about these statements since they were given at a GOP FUNDRAISER!! Really? Seriously? Hypocrite much?

4. And as if that isn’t enough…there is one more tidbit about that very dinner which was instantly added to my “WTH Prosser?” list. He, with what I feel were racial undertones, mocked Reverend Jesse Jackson. Feel what you will about the Rev. But knowing he was being recorded, knowing he was speaking in front of many people, knowing he is running for such a crucial position…he chooses to make fun of a highly respected civil rights leader. It’s just stupid. Take away the possible racism, take away the contemptuous mocking…it is simply uber dumb.

5. Finally, he and the rest of the Walker cronies have made it quite clear that he is there to serve the Governor. In fact, Prosser mentored Walker when he first entered the Assembly. BFFs….how sweet. Yea, sweet enough to rot my teeth and make me barf. He has hinted to an anti abortion agenda in a radio interview. He whines constantly and behaves as though he is some kind of victim. Perhaps he believes women in black robes are scarier that men in white ones. And he continually refers to these so called “people” from which he is informed. Before every statement he says, “People tell me…” I swear, if I didn’t know better I would think Prosser and Walker are pullin’ a Michael and Janet switcharoo. (that is a Jackson family reference for those who are not stuck in the 80s like myself)

So, this sums up my reasoning for voting for Joanne Kloppenburg Tuesday April 5th and why I will be crossing my fingers in hopes that Prosser will be booted off Wisconsin’s highest bench.


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