The first piece for my new editorial column was published today!! Below is a snippet and HERE is the link. The article was originally about 1200 words and had to be edited down to 450. Can we say impossible??? That will definitely be one of the hardest things about this job!! I will post the full piece later on. Please visit the site and feel free to comment!!

I choose candidates to support based on whether or not their beliefs line up with mine, and I hope I express my perceptions here authentically. And even if you do not appreciate the content of my writing, I do hope that you can recognize my honestly, humanity, humor and humility. 

(Now, let me put on my poncho before the tomato tossing ensues.)

I am voting for Joanne Kloppenburg for State Supreme Court Justice on April 5th because she is a remarkable candidate whom I feel can bring much needed civility and maturity to the court. Kloppenburg promotes the need for transparency when it comes to campaign donations and case recusal. She wants to keep elections free of “big special interest groups.”

***A new piece of WONDERFUL information!! Former Governor Lucey who was Justice Prosser’s (Kloppenburg’s opponent) campaign co-chair has left the Prosser camp and is now – FOUR days before the election – backing Joanne Kloppenburg. If this doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does!!! See story HERE.


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