By now, everyone and their dead grandmother has heard about the terrible news regarding Curt Johnson of the Johnson Wax fortune. If not, read HERE.

There isn’t more to add as it has already been all over the National news. I think the whole story is extremely sad. But I read something over the weekend which also disturbed me. There was an article in the paper about how local businessmen are showing sympathy toward Johnsons. That they feel bad for him. He has been getting away with abusing his young step daughter FOR YEARS…yet he is gaining sympathy. Would these people be sympathizing with some Joe Shmo down the street who was caught doing the same thing? No. But because this man has more money than God he not only gains sympathy but also special treatment in the press and in the courtroom. The courts agreed to protect him by keeping the records sealed. The paper isn’t allowing reader comments on any of his stories even though they do not disable them for others with similar charges.

I don’t get it. I mean, I am not naive. I know that money talks. But for it to be so blatant is astonishing to me. We are talking about the life of a little girl here. This isn’t something that happens and has an ending. There is no conclusion to this for her. Ever. It will remain with her and effect her life until the day she dies. With professional help, a comforting and authentic environment and supportive people in her life, hopefully the damage can be a minimal as possible. But this will always be with her.

When this story first came out, many people said that the girl is probably lying to gain money. These kind of statements make me sick. And this is coming from a person who WAS falsely accused and charged!! I do not support the forming of virtual lynch mob. I think that guilt should not be automatically assumed by merely a charge as I know all too well how that can happen to anyone. ANYONE can be charged with ANYTHING. Trust me on that one. HOWEVER, he admitted it. And I can tell you that the percentage of young children who would wrongly accuse a family member of such heinous acts is VERY low. If a young child is brave enough to come forward despite the pain it would cause, the consequences that may come…YOU BELIEVE THEM!!!

She is the only one I feel sorry for. I could say I feel sorry for the mom, but I do not know how long she was looking the other way. It was her job to protect her. And too often mothers in these situations – probably even more so with the rich and powerful – go into denial mode to keep the peace. Rock the boat and the money might go bye bye. confront and she may risk being alone. So, I do commend the mom from pressing charges. But I cannot bring myself to feel sorry for her when I believe she should have known and stopped it LONG before now.


7 thoughts on “Sympathy for the Devil

  1. You are the sickest most discusting self-centered bitch I have ever run acrosss. I feel so sorry for your husband and actually fear what you are instilling into your little girl. God help her if she turns out like you – due to you. Sorry for the harsh language, but it is all you understand (and like). “Be gone”? Yes, there is no hope for you so there is nothing I can do to help you here. Bye looser.

  2. Well I guess your blog title is truly you and not just a catchy phrase. And your question of why I bother to look at your blogs is valid. Guess I keep hopeing you will grow up and pull out of your present condition. Doesn’t look like that will happen soon though. You seem quite content being neurotic. I will look down from my ‘special place in heaven’ some day to see if you have grown up yet. Can you see all the way from heaven to hell? 🙂

  3. Why must you approach every and any subject with such a garbage mouth? Have you no respect for your readers or your children or for yourself for that matter? Thoughts can be very well conveyed without foul language.

    1. Fuck you.

      (sorry, could NOT resist) If you don’t like it…leave. This is how I choose to write. I like it. If you don’t, good for you…I am sure your place in Heaven will be much more special. Why on earth visit a blog that you cannot stand?? Be gone.

  4. Heather, you’re making sweeping assumptions based on the facts that you are aware of. While I do not disagree with your opinions for the most part, you still must realize that you’re seeing this situation through your own filter. It is a sad situation all around. Of course concern for the girl should be first and foremost. But Curt’s wife and other children are having their lives crumble around them, when they were just as innocent of wrong-doing. Not only that, every aspect of their life is being scrutinized and judged by people using their own filters to assess the situation. This does not equal reality. (For instance, saying that someone WITH wealth places less importance on the well-being of their children for the sake of keeping wealth, is absolutely erroneous and ridiculous.) Furthermore, for people to express sadness and sympathy for Curt does not mean they support what he has done. As humans, we should all feel a loss when someone — anyone — no matter their status in life, hurts another human.

    1. Thank you for commenting and I agree with a lot of what you say. I want to give you a thoughtful response and I am trying to do a hundred things right now (my fault for blowin’ off my morning). Anyway…I will be back on a little later and give your comment the reply it deserves 🙂

    2. Racineres,

      Yes, I do comment and see things through my own emotional and mental filter. I think most of us do, no? Isn’t that a human flaw? My filter has been tainted with my own experiences and those of people I know. Because of this, there are certain topics I have little tolerance for. I have no doubt that this is hard on the family (was not aware of other children…yikes). And I do feel bad that they (the grown ups) are going thru this HORRIBLE ordeal. I just also think it is nearly impossible for SOMEone not to have known SOMEthing all these years. But yes, I do feel bad for any family that is going through something like this. But to feel sorry for HIM. No way. Someone on TJT said that people shouldn’t throw stones and that everyone has made mistakes in their life. Are you kidding me?? To equate molesting a 12 year old until she is 15 to a mere mistake…that is fucked up.

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