The following is video taken at this year’s GOP Lincoln Day Dinner in Rock County. Justice Prosser is speaking. And I am FLOORED. He is going on and on about how the courts should not be politicized. At. A. GOP. Dinner. Seriously?? He is a speaker at a Republican fundraising dinner and preaching about the court’s responsibility to be non-partisan?? How can anyone reconcile this BULLSHIT in a way that makes any sense whatsoever????

Not only that but he goes on to mock and make fun of Rev. Jesse Jackson. And he does so with noticeable racial undertones. The whole thing is just sickening. We MUST elect Joanne Kloppenberg next Tuesday – that’s right…in ONE WEEK. There is no excuse not to vote. None.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

3 thoughts on “Prosser Gives Hypocritical and Racially Insensitive Speech

  1. Alright…saw them all finally. And I guess my response won’t be very long after all..

    About donations…you are correct. Prosser did give a small donation to one democrat in 1996. Kloppenburg has not given to republicans. But honestly, that is just not something I care about. I mean, it is on another level…on the level which I do not think ANY one should give ANY thing to campaigns at all. I am completely in disagreement of our entire campaign/election system.

    As for the Prosser abuse ad. The following document completely sums it up for me. Yes, I realize it was submitted by a partisan organization…but facts are facts…

  2. Well let’s exam the facts here. How does one expect Kloppenberg to be “non-partisan”??? When clearly she always donated to the democrats:

    At least Justice Prosser has given to the democrats. The link for that info is above as well.

    Why should we vote for here when she clearly stats a bias:
    Justice Prosser asks Kloppenberg to denounce slander, she refuses. (23:18)

    As we all now know that the actually victim of the attack ad has told everyone it’s very misleading:

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