HERE is the link to the story and pictures on Patch. I wish I would have written more (and better)…but I honestly didn’t know they would run it as an actual story…thought it was just going to be pics and quotes. But it is still way better than TJT. If you look at the picture on the article, there is a blue link (kinda hard to see) that says ‘View Gallery’…click that to see more pics. And I will post more on here later today.

This morning I was livid reading the story on The Journal Times. This is what I wrote in their comment section:

I too was at the protest and am not a union member. I can see the path this state and country has taken since the Tea Party brain washing takeover. And FYI – no one was hitting cars. I will link you to plenty of pictures showing how man cops there were in the area…ON FOOT right where the attendees drove in. If they were hitting cars – it would have been reported. Duh.

You’ll have to excuse me because I am livid reading this story. I have defended TJT over the years as I thought they tried to be balanced. Well that is out the window.

Journal Times runs a story about fur coat wearing money bags eating steaks. One sentence about the 500+ people outside in the cold fighting for their rights and the rights of others. No mention of Scooter not showing up. I am furious and so sick of the lack of and biased media coverage during this whole movement. FURIOUS.

TJT unfortunately has the monopoly on the news in Racine. It is all people read and depend on…A LOT of people do not have minds of their own and those are the people voting for these freaks who are destroying any and all freedoms. They used the guise of fiscal redemption to get elected but now they are pushing their religions agenda. Now there is an Alaskan Tea Partier who wants to make sex before marriage illegal. I mean COME ON!! I am sick.

TJT has reached a new low. Not to mention their handling of the Johnson story…ugh. If you don’t have tons of cash you mean nothing in this world.


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