These are videos from the Protest today at Racine Marriott before and during the Racine GOP Lincoln Day Dinner. Most are estimating around 500 people, though I have no idea. I was pretty proud of Racine tonight. I get so discouraged and embarrassed when I read the local blogs or see the Facebook wall comments. But I need to remember that those people are not representative of the majority. Political or otherwise. These are a handful of people whose minds will never change even if the truth was shoved up their asses. 500 people coming out in 20 something degree weather, wicked blowing winds and snow…on a Friday night…in lil ole Racine. Now THAT says way more than any troll online ever could. So lesson learned today…I’d rather be a thug than a troll.

But, yea. The turn out was fantastic. I will write more tomorrow. I sent some stuff over to Patch and I will see what they publish. Everything else I will write about here (and I will link the rest to Patch).

I do want to say one more thing…I will never get over how nice people are. Everyone is so polite. Almost Fargo-esque…and I mean that in the best way ever!! I just love that about my home. Wisconsin has the nicest friggin’ thugs EVER!!

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

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