I have decided that I will either sleep through each and every day or I am going to have to hermitize myself. The headlines I see, the morning show segments I watch, the talk radio verbal diarrhea I hear…honestly, I cannot take it. I will give an an example. And this is not, by far, the worst piece of news I subjected myself to while my eyes were still half masted. But because of that is partially why I am so irritated. Let me explain.

This morning on the Today Show was a segment about a school in Florida which is under fire as they try to protect a student with a peanut allergy. They have enlisted policies which enforce the washing of hands twice a day for every child. Washes are to be made upon entering the classroom in the morning and then again after lunch. Oh. The. Horror. Parents are now protesting – misspelled signage in hand and some parents are keeping their kids home from school as a form of protest. They believe it is infringing on their children’s rights and taking away precious class time – to wash hands. Twice. In a whole day. Role tape…

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The written story can be found HERE


Number One. Shouldn’t your dirty little rugrats be washing their hands anyway?? Perhaps if hygiene were more of a priority, my kid wouldn’t be coming home with notes warning of lice outbreaks. Why on earth – unless it is being done to TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction’ standards – would washing hands be demonized?

Number Two. Grown men and women are picketing in front of the school. This little girl has had to stay home and I don’t blame her. She is missing out on school, play, enjoyment, BEING A KID because these parents have chosen THIS as their passionate fight? How is this not bullying? She knows these signs are about her. She knows it is her uncontrollable allergy that is the center of this debate. I cannot even imagine the playground mocking. Poor kid. Shame on those people!!

Number Three. Find a cause which actually serves a purpose. Do you not see what is going on in the world today? These people cannot find a calling to put this energy into something significant and substantial? Humans drowning in their homes as they float out to sea, U.S. soldiers fighting in now THREE wars, genocide and terrorism across the ocean, civil rights being confiscated day by day through out the country, drug wars on our boarders…pick a goddamn cause that will actually make a difference. If not, get your ass back in your trailers, finish watching Jerry Springer and shove those Doritos into your toothless mouths.

Okay. Rant over. Time for a breather. Well, until my next fit arises…


One thought on “Parents Going Peanuts

  1. You are right about meaningless protests. No matter how bad it gets here, we still are way better off than most of the rest of the world. What I have noticed in this country, and it’s not just political stuff either, is our concern for ourselves. No one else matters. No one else has it as tough as I do. No one knows how tough my life is, I deserve more. Well, I’m sure the people of Japan can’t sympathize with us. The Libyan people can’t sympathize either. I won’t even go into the stuff in Africa, that stuff is horrible. Our focus needs to stop being on ourselves, plain and simple.

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