Tomorrow my husband, Charlie (yes, I have taken over his FB) will turn 38. 38!!

God, were old. Anyway…since we agreed on no gifts this year…this is for him:


You’ve taken me for granted

or so you have said

And, yes, you take up

too much space on the bed


But it’s me as well

rarely showing appreciation

So I will take this moment now

for your celebration


If you were not here

my car would have no gas

The garbage would stink

And think of the grass!


The oil goes where?

Why is it cold?

The lights went out

and no one to scold!


You truly do love me

like nobody has

Even when I freak out

and act like a spaz


You tell me I’m beautiful

when I look like a dog

You’re cool about the shit

I write on my blog


You’re generous, hard working

you’re strong and you’re kind

And even though I don’t admit it

You are truly a find


Never leave, die or get lost

please…seriously dude

For if you weren’t here

I’d be totally screwed


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