Curtis Johnson of Caledonia and the Johnson Wax family fortune has admitted to having inappropriate contact with a child over the span of several years. See story HERE.

So far I see no other news outlets besides Patch reporting his admission. I also find it “funny” that The Racine Journal Times (which no doubt has been spooning with the family for years) has decided to disable the discussion feature on their website for this story. Tons of other similar stories and they let the free for all cage match explode in the virtual boxing ring. But not this one.

When I was falsely accused and charged with child abuse, the discussion board went crazy. I was not named, THANK GOD. But people who knew of us wrote personal and terrible things on there which would have made it easier to identify me. And the comments from the others were nothing short of a lynch mob. The threats, name calling, accusations, lies…it was torture. I was suicidal that evening. Never in my life have I felt that dark.

So, because of my own experience, I think those boards are dangerous and unhealthy. I admit to getting caught up in them from time to time. But in sensitive cases like this…yea, there probably should be no discussion on that site. Too much viciousness. BUT if they are going to do that, they need to do it across the board. They cannot treat the billionaire any differently than the school janitor. All or none. Period.

What I do know about this case – even that which isn’t currently printed – makes me literally sick. I know people who have gone through similar experiences. I can only say that I genuinely commend the adult who came forward, pressed charges or did whatever was done to bring this man to justice and protect that child from further abuse. I will also say that more than anything, my heart goes out to the girl. I hope she is allowed to heal in an authentic and honest environment.

Actually, I do want to say one more thing. These people are everywhere. They are fathers, grandfathers, uncles, friends, babysitters, billionaires, musicians, athletes, mayors, priests…they are almost always people whom you’d never expect. Teach your children to be aware, to be comfortable coming to you with anything, teach them modesty and about their personal space…give them the tools they one day may need to prevent something from happening. And if a child comes to you…you damn well believe them!!


One thought on “Curtis Johnson Admits Inappropriate Behavior

  1. Thank god somebody has the courage to speak the truth. I am afraid he is going to walk though. I know Racine County courts and how they deal with the Johnsons. Also, just look at the Racine Journal Times when a story runs on the Johnsons. There are people in Racine that literally would stand up for the Johnsons no matter what happens, serious. The Johnsons could intentionally put poison in their products to intentionally hurt people and the Racine Community would still defend them to be holy as god himself. I heard someone ask if Curt Johnson can get a fair trial in Racine. What a joke. It is more like can he get prosecuted for anything in Racine.

    You are right, the evidence speaks for itself. Let an independent jury outside Racine County decide and then let justice be served. No matter how this comes out in Racine County courts, there will be people on both sides questioning if it was an honest process. Stop kidding around, this is serious stuff. Let a truly independent jury decide based upon the evidence put in front of them. That independent jury is NOT in Racine County.

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