Better late then never, Mount Pleasant/Sturtevant Patch was up and running by this afternoon.

I guess there were glitches this morning. But the site is now up!!
Here is the link to my first article:
And here is the link to Kenzie’s Whiz Kid piece:
I have also been assigned another column. So, every Tuesday I will have ‘Knowsy Neighbor’ and every Wednesday I will have ‘Frugal Family’.   I will also be doing a short piece – mostly pictures and quotes from Friday’s protest (explained in a bit). And more to come!! Please check in often and share with your friends!! If you subscribe you will get a newsletter each morning right in your email inbox.
As I mentioned, there is a protest this Friday. Apparently there is a GOP dinner event at the Racine Marriott at 5pm. Through the grassroots efforts via Facebook, I predict the turnout will be huge. Below is the invitation to the dinner which Governor Walker (still makes me shudder to say those words) is to attend:


I had this idea the other day and I decided to act on it for once. I sent the following letter to about 30 different union presidents, assistants, politicians, ect. :

I am writing to you today with not just a suggestion, but a request. As you may or may not know, Racine, WI has the largest Fourth of July Parade in the Midwest. Needless to say, Wisconsin has been dubbed (and rightly so) Ground Zero for a  much needed outcry of injustice in our local and national politics. I think it also goes without saying that the one crucial element of the state of Unions – public and private – is solidarity. Without it, unions will no longer exist. Another element which keeps unions in tact is organizing. On both of these aspects, there can be improvement. And now is the time to do just that. Right now people are paying attention and there is no telling how long the collective ADD of the public will remained focused.
In this mind set I had an idea which I would like you to strongly consider. I think that as a whole, we need to show a strong union presence in the Fourth of July Parade. If it could be organized to have all unions, again – both public and private – to walk together as one in the name of solidarity, it would send a very strong message to both supporters and opponents. We have seen the massive crowds in Madison, though downplayed in the press, and that is the only reason Wisconsin made the national news to begin with. It is in numbers where we will succeed. If we can show Racine, Wisconsin, even the Country that we can organize many unions to walk as one on the most patriotic day of the year – it would be incredible. Think of the 100s of people who would be willing to walk. The outcome would be nothing short of awesome.
And being in July…months from now and months before November (recall…) the public will need a strong reminder that we are here and still fighting. 100s of people from all different unions…even people not in a union who support the efforts (for example, me) all wearing solidarity shirts walking together for one purpose. I am sure you can imagine the impact.
Please think about this. I will be willing to do everything and anything I can do to help organize this event.
Also, if you could please pass this along to others who may be interested, I would appreciate it.
Thank you.
Here is the info…
No one has really responded. So I called someone from the Wisconsin AFL CIO. He told me to forward the email and that he would get it to the appropriate people. I also contacted someone with the Racine Fourth Fest Committee about the policies and procedures when planning something like this. Haven’t heard back yet but I will certainly keep you all updated. I really believe in this idea. I think it would be an amazing show of solidarity. Just think of 100s of people – men, women, young, old, black, white, woman, man…diverse yet one. The act of solidarity – no the state ofsolidarityy – is so much more than theupraisedd fists of union brothers and sisters. It is the coming together for a greater good. It warms my otherwise cold and bitter heart.
Cassidy is so cute sometimes I just can’t stand it. The last couple days she has been leaving her room as though it is an art gallery while she is at school. She lays out all of her art – complete with prices – on her bed. She then leaves a dish for money in hopes that “customers” will come through her gallery and make purchases. See below:

God I love her.


After some fighting, yelling, crying and hating…My step daughter’s mom did something I will forever appreciate. A while back I was given the advice (via Facebook…where I get all my life questions answered) to apply and fight for my WINGS acceptance with Racine Unified.  WINGS is an application form which must be filled out by any parent/guardian who wishes to go on field trips, work in the school or help in the classroom. It was always known that I would not pass the first step because of my “criminal history”. I decided to finally swallow my pride, hike up my big girl panties and reach out to someone at Unified.

I wrote a long email explaining my case and asking for their suggestion. I was told that it needed to be looked into. She first asked for the name and number of my probation officer. Keep in mind this was over 5 years ago. I did not think he would remember my case whatsoever, but I gave her the information anyway. Then she got back to me (not sure if she ever talked to the PO or not) and said that someone would need to talk to my step daughter’s mom. I said I would arrange that. I won’t get into what happen the 24 hours proceeding that…I am really trying to keep those conversations off the blog. But after a day or so of emotions, she told me she would speak to the Unified employee.

A couple days later I received an email stating that the story I conveyed to them matched with what Kenzie’s mom said and I could go ahead and submit the application. I experience quite a sense of relief. Yes, the bogus charges and my STUPID plea will always remain on my record. But at least now I don’t have to figure out ways of explaining to my daughter why the other moms can go to the Pumpkin Farm and I cannot.


Between the RSVP volunteer writing gig (one article a month in The Journal Times) and this great paying freelance job with Patch…my brain has been on overdrive. For so many years I had little schedule to follow. I certaihaven’tvent had to think much. Now there are deadlines, conversations with strangers, learning things I have never been taught, constructcriticismtism, planning…it is overwhelming but very welcome. I just hope I can do a good job. I worry about failing or being revealed as a big poser. I fear looking stupid or being a disappointment. But I know it will be worth it.

Well, I am quite tired. So off to bed I go. Talk at ya later 😉


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