I am now writing for a company called Patch.com. I will put the description below. It is an AOL owned company. I will be writing a weekly column profiling an individual from Mt. Pleasant or Sturtevant (the area I will be working for). I will also be writing various assigned news articles. I need to ask a for a few favors from my wonderful readers 🙂

Please click THIS LINK and LIKE this page. We need to get as many LIKES as possible by the end of April!! Plus, this way you will get updates on my and other’s stories.

Also, I would LOVE suggestions for interesting people to interview for the column. If you know anyone with an interesting life, story, hobby, job…you know. They will be short but sweet – about 300 words…just a little personal glimpse into a life of a neighbor. So, please, share with me any ideas you might have!!

Thanks guys!! The site launches next Wednesday the 23rd. My first article will be posted as well as the very first Whiz Kid who just happens to be….Mackenzie!! I will post links…so visit often!!

About Patch:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Patch.com is a community-specific news and information platform that focuses on individual towns and communities.


Patch was conceived and financed by Tim Armstrong and Jon Brod in 2007 after Armstrong said he found a dearth of online information on his hometown of Riverside, Connecticut.. The company was then acquired by AOL in 2009 shortly after Armstrong became AOL’s CEO. Armstrong told AOL staffers that he recused himself from negotiations to acquire the company and did not directly profit from his seed investment. He instead asked that his seed money be returned to him in the form of AOL stock when it split from Time Warner.

The acquisition occurred on June 11, 2009. AOL paid an estimated $7 million in cash for the news platform as part of its effort to reinvent itself as a content provider beyond its legacy dial-up Internet business. AOL, which split from Time-Warner in late 2009, announced in 2010 it would be investing $50 million or more into the startup of the Patch.com network. As part of the acquisition Brod became President of AOL Ventures, Local & Mapping.

Patch philosophy

The concept behind Patch is “hyperlocal journalism,” with local community news editors filing stories and updating community-specific websites on local news from within the communities they serve. As of December 9, 2010, Patch had established hyperlocal sites in more than 500 communities across the United States. The result was that Patch expected to be the largest hirer of full-time journalists in the United States in 2010.


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