Yea, so okay. I went into work this morning just like any ordinary day (though it seemed oddly appropriate in hind sight that ‘Power to the People’ was playing on 88.9 as I got out of the car). I bent down to put my purse and jacket under the counter as I notice a note. ‘Here it is…another passive aggressive love note from our beloved manager,’ went through my mind as I began translating the grammatically incorrect words silently to myself.
He is complaining that the employees are using the restaurant as “their own personal soup kitchen”. Taking soup in quarts (which I DO take soup, never hid it…also never took a quart…ever). I was told we could have all the soup, salad and bread we wanted when I was hired. I was also told when I started that we could take the unserved, untouched leftovers from buffet and brunch. Which I did. Never greedily (which is another term he used to describe the employees). I would never take more than one to go box. Fuck. I am making 6 (that is including tips AND the 2.33 an hour) bucks an hour some days…if I can take a cup of soup – I am going to do it.  I was told I could. So he was also complaining about people taking pizza from the buffet after it was brought to the back. Every Tuesday I see these pizzas (because I only take the kind that I like) get thrown away. Perfectly fine, unserved, untouched pizzas – right into the trash.
Keep in mind that this is probably at least the 7th note of this nature since I started there in October. I have pictures of many of these and will be posting them when I really write about this place. It is always about a new issue – be it talking, not doing enough work, wrong uniform, etc. People screw up, I get that. But these notes are condescending, demeaning, disrespectful and rude. The way he talks to the employees – exact same way. He did it ONCE with me. And since then I could tell that he hated me and now I realize it is because he knew I wouldn’t take his shit like the younger, quieter ones…or the ones who desperately need that job. So he basically ignored me. I knew he was looking for things to scold me about…but I am not shy to say that I was a damn good employee. I was always early. I was very helpful to others. I took the initiative to do jobs that were not mine. I was pleasant with the staff and my customers. A couple dingy errors here and there…but I rocked it for a 36 year old mom with no workplace experience in almost a decade. He couldn’t say SHIT and I know this bugged him.
Let me also say, as I think this bears mentioning. Every single time I took a bowl of soup or a to go box out of that building I walked right passed him and said, “Good bye” or “See ya tomorrow.” Every time. He never once – NOT ONCE – breathed a word about me taking anything. Never gave a glance or said a single thing to me except “Goodbye’ or “See you next time”. In 6 months, not a word. Am I that scary?? Or was he just not on his period all those other days??
I asked him after I read this condescending, bullshit note, “R, so you are saying that you would rather the pizza go in the garbage than have an employee take some home?”
He replied, “I guess if you are putting it that way, then yes I would. This is not a soup kitchen.” (he is clearly enamored with himself over this little line he concocted)
“R. Are you serious?? You would rather it go to waste then to give it to someone working here making 2.33 an hour??!!”
Then he says…in all his glory, “I’ll tell you what I AM serious about…” and he points to the door.
“You got it. Thank you for making my decision for me. And don’t think this is the last time you hear about this.”
I grabbed my things and left.
But FUCK! I didn’t take a picture of that note BEFORE confronting him!! I could kick myself.
I drove home. Lit my worn out $6 apron (yes, we had to pay for them) in the outdoor fire place using my check stubs as kindling and watched it burst into flames like the evil it represents.
I will obviously be writing more about this. This place, these management assholes, the restaurant industry as whole, how the workers get FUCKED…I will get it written soon enough. For now, I have to meet with a man about a volunteer writing position. Take a call about a paid writing position. Make a nice dinner for my family. Grocery shop and exercise. So, I am very happy to have the day off!! Thank you, Douchebag!!
P.S. This is why I fight for workers’ rights. Without them you will all end up with managers and employers like this. Sound fun?

10 thoughts on “I Was Just Fired From My “Own Personal Soup Kitchen”

  1. We go out there quite often. I like the food and the service has always been good. I am one of those tippers though that tries to make up for the cheapskates, so maybe that’s why we get such good service? :o) We had a friend that worked there for years. She didn’t get into the politics or the back-biting that goes on, but she said the managers were humps. If you don’t like going to work, you did the right thing. I think your open letter to them might get some notice as well. If nothing else, corporate might do a little inspection on the place. Sounds like they need a shake up!

    1. Many of the servers there are good at their job and take pride in their work. They do not deserve the treatment and put downs by the management.

      I can tell you that when I was in my orientation…the VP of the company said some rude things to me…about my body. I almost walked away right then. That is the mentality through out the company. I dont think they will give a shit at all. I really dont.

  2. Having been a waiter for a couple of years in my 20’s, I know how it is in the restaurant biz. It sucks! Overworked, underpaid and unappreciated. Having a power hungry manager does not help things at all, in fact it makes it worse. Glad that you stepped out that place. You deserve better.

    1. Thank you Drew. It all happened so fast my head was spinning. I have social anxiety and going to such a social job was difficult every day. Needless to say, confrontations are SUPER stressful and scary to me. I cannot tell you how hard it is to stand up to someone face to face with the weird anxieties I have. It was a hard day even though I hated the job anyway.

  3. I did time in a lot of restaurants. Maybe twenty years altogether in pretty much every job. This really is new. At first I wondered if now that the labor market is so terrible they’re able to get away with this now. Easy to get new people. Now I’m thinking it’s just this manager is an idiot. Their finances are circuling the drain and he’s cracking maybe. You’re right, the industry is horrible. No doubt about that.

    1. I dont know. Other people there say similar things about the other managers too. I think that they honestly look at their employees as beneath them. As if being a restaurant manager is so royal or something.

  4. sounds like it’s a good think you are no longer there. I’m glad you spoke your mind, wish others would. It’s ridiculous to throw away perfectly good food.

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