There are several things on my mind this morning. Unfortunately I have little time before leaving for work. So, I will just briefly go over them in one blog.

Today it was reported that the Labor Department fined Marcus Theaters and other chain theater companies for breaking child labor laws. They have been hiring teenagers to complete unsafe job duties (operating trash compactors and other large machinery) – this is against the law. They have been allowing the work hours to well exceed current child labor laws. Unions are responsible for these laws being in existence. How many would be up in arms if some kid had been killed from using one of these machines? But no one cares until it happens to someone THEY care about. These laws are necessary. And this proves at what lengths corporations will go to in order in increase their bottom line. Without union protection…this corporate behavior will run rampant. They DO. NOT. CARE. Don’t for one second they give a shit if their employees are not safe and we can see that even WITH laws in place. Even WITH protections in place. I have described how the restaurant industry works. No one can deny that is complete BULLSHIT. Well, it can happen to you next.


I gotta be completely honest with you. I don’t give a SHIT if Wisconsin is in debt. I don’t. Sorry. My taxes go up, I pay them. Do I agree with everything they go towards? No way. On a federal level my money has been going to fund 2 wars in which I completely disagree. But I still pay because it also goes toward education, road repair, transportation, health care and programs which improve the lives of others.

We are broke basically. We pretty much live on one modest income. We probably won’t be able to take the vacation to Washington DC this summer as we wished. I can’t usually buy raffle tickets, pizzas and wrapping paper that the kids really want to sell. I cannot afford to have a birthday party at Monkey Joes for my daughter. I do not have texting on my phone. The only piece of real jewelry I own is my engagement ring which was around 1200 bucks. And even that kills me to think about. But I pay my mortgage, car payment, kids’ lunches, field trips, electricity and all other necessities. I am not going to have texting on my phone and then not have the money for a field trip. Why? Because the field trip is more important. If I do not have the money to pay an ER bill when my child is sick, I put it on the credit card. Do you think I give a shit that it is putting me further in debt? No. Why? Because my daughter’s health is really all that matters.

I think I have said this before, but I will say it again. Who HONESTLY stays awake at night wringing their hands in worry because Wisconsin owes money to Minnesota? Do you fret anxiously because your state has a deficit? On the flip side…how many of you HAVE laid awake in the middle of the night because your child is ill? Because you just lost a family member? Because someone you love no longer has a place to live because some billionaire CEO decided her rather have a 13 billion dollar paycheck than to keep a job in America? It priorities and mine is not fiscal. Love, being kind, having compassion, living an honest life, helping those who cannot help themselves…this is why we are here. NOT for the almighty dollar.

This may not be a popular thing to admit. I get that. But I just don’t fucking care.


If every Wisconsin adult paid $32, Wisconsin will be out of debt. Dear Governor Walker: Here is my $32!!! Shit!! I will give you $64 if you will allow my child to retain her quality teachers. Allow people to keep their rights. Here it is!!! And I am sure most others would be willing to pay an extra $32 bucks as well.


I hear the arguement…I have no kids, why should I have to pay for schools and teachers? My kids are all grown so why do I have to pay for schools? Answer…because you live in a goddamn society, that’s why. It is not just parents and children who benefit from a quality education. It is our neighborhoods, cities and states – THE WHOLE COUNTRY – who benefits. How can anyone not see that? The kids coming out of these classes with less than par teachers (you get what you pay for) and 60+ kids per classroom are going to be your accountants, nurses, surgeons, lawyers, employees, neighbors and producers of MORE children (apples don’t fall far from the tree…especially when that tree is stunted).


I find it SOOOO hilarious that a good majority of the people in favor of Walker write Facebook posts with no punctuation and riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. They are sometimes unreadable. You can usually spot a person who doesn’t value education…have them write a full paragraph or listen to them speak. (for the record…I do make spelling and typing errors…so before you throw that back at me…I already know. Mistakes happen. What matters is that is not typical. For many of these people…that is the ONLY way they write and speak.)


I saw this on Facebook today and I think it really represents a point I often attempt to make:

My neighbor has a cow and I have none, I want his cow to die.” Anyone who made the “I have to pay X but you only have to pay Y, that’s not fair you should have to pay X too” argument is guilty of wishing death upon your cow because they …have none. It’s embarrassing, not to mention moronic. There are some major fixes that need to be made in education, but Walker’s goal is not to fix, it is to break. If something is not working the way you want it to, smashing it with a hammer is not going to repair it.

The Walker supporters remind me of the gulls on Finding Nemo. MINE MINE MINE MINE. It’s all about greed. Just because I do not have a pension or make a decent LIVABLE wage…that doesn’t make me want to take it away from someone else. It makes me want to fight for their rights so that one day maybe I can have some too. I support others having the benefits they deserve even though I do not have the benefits I deserve. Just pure selfishness is what we are witnessing.

Shit, gotta go…talk at ya later.


3 thoughts on “I Don’t Have it – So You Can’t Have it…Nanny Nanny Boo Boo

  1. When you posted this comment Jeff I was away from home and read it on my phone. I then planned to get on the site and respond. But I wanted to take my time as you always do with your comments. I am sorry that it slipped my mind and I never responded. However, after reading Paula’s response…I am glad I never did. She said it much better than I could have. Every point so right on to how I feel. Thank you Paula!! And I thank you too Jeff for commenting, reading and taking the time to have a discussion without being horrible like many others have.

  2. So I’ve been busy trying to get acclimated to my new job and to traveling a couple of hours a day to get to and from work and have not been keeping up with your blog like I was before I was laid off last fall. But I had been meaning to get back here and see what you had to say about the protests in your backyard, and I have to say I’m a bit shocked at your defense of the Wisconsin 14.

    Let’s step into Mr. Peabody’s “Wayback Machine” and take a trip back to last winter/spring. The country was embroiled in the debate over President Obama’s healthcare plan. The situation was much the same as what I’m seeing in Wisconsin – one side of the debate controlled the federal government and the other side of the debate was rebuffed at almost every front when they tried to make ammendments to the bill or tried to slow it down. What would you have said if, at that point, the Republicans had all walked out of Washington D.C and prevented a vote from being held on the bill? Based on your politics, I’m guessing you would have been up in arms!

    Political views aside, stunts like this have no place in the political arena. We do not elect our representatives to go to the capital and say “If I don’t get my way, I’m taking my ball and going home.” They are supposed to go there and work together for the common good of the people they represent. Does that mean sometimes bills are passed that they don’t like or vote for? Sure it does. Does that mean sometimes bills are passed that are later overturned or modified by subsequent legislatures? Of course. But stunts like this do nothing more than further inflame the politics of every issue and drive a wedge further and further between the two sides who should be working together for the common good!

    Is the electorate always right with the people they send to represent them? No – mistakes are made, politicians misrepresent their views to get elected, you name it. Thankfully we live in a republic and we get to change our minds every 2, 4, or 6 years if those we elected no longer represent our views. If a bill is passed that is so against the consensus of the governed, it is up to them to elect a new representative body who will go back and correct the mistakes of the previous legislature.

    That is how the Democrats should have handled the situation. They should have voted on the bill and turned it into their campaign issue for the 2012 elections. If enough people in Wisconsin agree with them, they could have retaken the Wisconsin legislature in a landslide with a mandate to reverse the legislation and return collective bargaining to the public unions.

    Instead, hopefully, each of these representatives has signed the death warrant to their own particular political career. They have done nothing more than further divide the political arena into right vs. left and are no longer doing what they were elected to do – represent their constituents.

    1. Jeff, Republicans do this constantly. They have tried to block every single thing Obama has tried to accomplish and they do it with various tactics. Right now they are all on vacation – excuse me? They haven’t figured out the budget and everything may come to a screeching halt but they decide to take the week off? And where are our WI Republican Senators? In DC, at political fundraisers.

      By the way, WI is not broke – we have time to decide the budget – it’s not the same thing at all. Do you pay a mortgage? In Walker’s eyes, that means you’re broke.

      Our Fabulous Fourteen would have NEVER gone anywhere had the Republicans not tried to shove a 143 page bill down everyone’s throat in less than a week. Excuse me – no debate? NO DEMOCRACY. No one even knew what was on this bill and they wouldn’t have had our Senators not left the state. They WERE doing their job, and did what they had to. It was courageous for sure, because people who only see things in black and white see them as “walking off the job” but they were working very long hours in IL. They were letting the people of WI know what our crooked, head so far up the billionaires’ asses Governor and his minions are doing. I don’t know what you do for a living, and I don’t care. Unless you’re a millionaire, you are going to be hurt by this bill. It may take awhile for you to see it or feel it, but it’s coming.

      There are so many damaging things on this bill, that waiting until the next elections was not an option. And Walker didn’t explain exactly how he was going to create jobs, did he? He didn’t talk about busting Unions (which as we all know from Walker on his prank call but also Fitzgerald on FOX, this isn’t about the budget). Just because you’re elected, doesn’t give you the right to be a tyrant.

      Obama, by the way, has done everything that he can to reach across the aisles and compromise. In my opinion, probably way too much. But that’s what democracy looks like.

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