There is just so much information that I really want to relay to anyone and everyone that I can. I realize that SOME of the links below are partisan and/or opinion. However, much of the content is provable fact. Facts which MUST be understood by both sides of this fight. People are being fed lies. People are making this about Teachers’ pay. People are making this about the so-called deficit. People are making this about private vs. public. What this all comes down to is that Walker and the GOP will stop at nothing to destroy and bust unions. Right now it is starting with collective bargaining for public unions. That is truly only a first step on a very slippery slope. This effects EVERYONE. Union or not. Unions set the bar for fair wages and policies. Unions have told Walker many times now that they would agree to financial concessions he is requesting to balance the budget. They just want to keep their bargaining rights. He says no. He will not negotiate, debate or budge. His way or the highway. That is NOT hodemocracy works. And THAT is what this is about. Greed and power. And this alone proves that for Walker this has never been about a balanced budget but his desire to bust unions all together.

I ask you to please watch and read the information through the following links. I think you will find it all interesting if nothing else.

Clearly there is much I want to discuss. Much I want to write about. I will get in what I can between work, kids, home and rallies. I want to do all I can to help in this fight against an administration that thinks Wisconsin is under dictator rule.

Thank Wisconsin for your 8 hour work days, weekends and so much more for which you take for granted and why the GOP is out to destroy unions:

City of Madison Police THANKING the protestors. Riots my ass!!:

The deficit is a lie:

“Leaders of the state’s biggest public worker unions said they would give in to the governor’s demand for concessions on workers’ benefits if Walker would give up his bid to repeal nearly all public union bargaining rights; Walker rejected that offer, saying government needed more flexibility in dealing with its employees; and the governor’s address on the next two-year budget was delayed by a week.” Isn’t this enough proof of Walker’s motivation?:

The Deficit is a lie to cover up Walker’s true intentions:

Assembly starting votes before scheduled time and before Dems get to the floor (Rep. Gordon Hintz and Rep. Peter Barca call them out):

Madison Chamber of Commerce Memo condemning Walker’s actions (Chamber of Commerce was one of the biggest GOP contributors):

Walker in the pockets of the Koch brothers:

10 things you should know about this fight:


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