**Update…Matt’s video is being recognized by the AFL CIO!! They have it up on their website AND sent it out in a mass email. So proud of this perfect stranger!!! What an eye for talent I have, no??!! 🙂 Congrats Matt – I hope this is a step towards a successful and creative career (not that you don’t have one now, I have no clue…just sayin’…Michael Moore ought to have your number!!)


There is an abundance of thoughts, emotions, experiences and life I have lived through this past week. Mourning, illness, excitement, pride, amazement, humor…I hope I have time this week to share it all with you.

Right now, I want to share these videos. These were filmed and edited by a 23 year old Madison Media Specialist named Matt Wisniewski. I have seen so many videos, writings, photos that have brought tears to my eyes and goosebumps to my skin over this past week in regards to the Madison Bill Protest. But none have caught my attention in the way that these have. It is not just the content, which of course is moving in it’s own right, but the talent behind the film making is quite impressive.

I don’t know this man. I only know that I sincerely believe he deserves to one day achieve high accolades for his filming and editing talents. BRAV-FRIGGIN-O!!!!!!

Please visit Matt’s site.

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

6 thoughts on “Matt Wisniewski’s Protest Videos Deserve National Attention (updated)

  1. Really amazing.. I’m glad he is getting recognized. They are beautiful videos and really make me smile. I am extremely proud to from Wisconsin, I am glad we have such brave Senators that listen to the masses and do what is necessary just to slow this down.. I have a terrible feeling that it will not change the outcome, but I am hoping. They have done what they could and the people are doing what they can. The complete inability of Gov. Scott Walker to compromise is disgusting, but that doesn’t break the spirits of those THOUSANDS of people out there fighting everyday.

  2. I loved the guitar (or whatever) with the blue tape in the form of the peace symbol. Gotta admit I’m pretty ashamed to be from Wis. right now!

    1. Oh no!! I felt like that after the midterms. The fact that so many ppl voted for these tea partiers…these extremists…I was quite depressed. But having been in Madison during these protests…seeing all the acts of kindness and support these past 2 weeks…my amazement that there has not been any violence or incident this whole time with 40k + people on one block…I gotta tell ya, I am renewed. I still hate winter and want to move away eventually. But I have never been so proud to say I am from and living in Wisconsin. This crazy majority administration has been FAR over shadowed by all the goodness, talent, creativity, kindness, generosity (could go on and on but you get the point) I have seen in such a short time. I am highly sensitive. No surprise there. But, I have been almost overwhelmed by it all. And after losing my best friend (my cat) Bob, I really needed this. But it is overwhelming. So many emotions all at once. But ashamed I definitely am not.

      I also need to say that the Wisconsin 14 have also made me a very proud Wisconsinite!!

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