My last minute latest endeavor is now out of my hands. Whew!! It ended up turning out just great. A few really cool people (15) donated and we were able to come up with 261.38 (incl. myself). I think that is pretty damn good!!! And this morning I hope some people in Racine and Mount Pleasant had a happy little surprise.

I was able to send 24 kringles to Racine Police and Fire, 11 to Department of Public Works and 5 to Mount Pleasant Police and Fire. I called a couple days ago to get a ball park number of employees. And hopefully I distributed them appropriately. They are sending an assortment. They, by the way, is O&H Bakery (Douglas Ave.). I was helped by Mary and Sheenan. Both were very helpful in pulling this off. Not to mention, they donated the delivery charges and gave me 10% off. I can’t thank them enough. GO THERE!! Not like I really have to sell O&H to Racine though. Why would anyone go anywhere else???

I also sent this poem with the kringles…(now, keep in mind it was 6:30am, my eyes were half mast and my head was still on the pillow. Don’t expect Emily Dickensen…)

Cold temps and chaos
Through winds and snow
Above and beyond
True colors did show
Helping the stranded
And endless plowing
Please do know
With gratitude were bowing
Jobs often thankless
With tiring hours
Perhaps you all have
Magic super powers
For you are these treats
Filled with our thanks
YOU ROCK we yell
From the tallest snow banks
Anyway, I am so grateful to all who helped out!! Thanks, man.

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