As you may know, we took a last minute surprise family trip (the idea must have been medicinally induced) to The Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells this past weekend. I packed all of our stuff the day before and hid the suitcase in the back of the Jeep. My Bond-like skills are mad. The next morning the kids got ready for school as usual. Charlie just said he had the day off and we were just going to drive them to school since it was on our way to Milwaukee. So we were driving and passed their school. They started yelling, “Hey!! You missed it!!!” I said, “Well, I guess you guys can miss a day then – you can just come to Milwaukee with us.” My step daughter (who we think may have already been told by her mom) just said ok. My daughter was freakin’ out!! The thing she was most mad about was that they were having a “good lunch” that day. LOL weirdo. I just said too bad and not to worry about it. And Cassidy was quickly over missing school once I explained I had already called the school and no one would be in trouble.

We drive all the way to the Dells without them asking much. They must think Milwaukee is REALLLLLY big. We stopped in Madison to have lunch at the Cracker Barrel. Cassidy now wants her birthday to be in the Cracker Barrel gift shop.  I am thinking that may be a tough squeeze, but it sure as shit beats Chuck-E-Cheese (aka Hell Part Two…if you are wondering, Hell Part One is labor and delivery).  And in no time at all, we pulled into the resort (which is a HUGE indoor water park). Mackenzie was happy and said it was her favorite place, but it was obvious that she was not surprised. Which really makes me sad because the surprise was half the fun. IF her mom did tell her, I just think that would have been really shitty. But I digress.  Cassidy was shocked. And she wasn’t acting very excited because she hadn’t been to a water park since she was like 3 and she doesn’t even remember it at all. So I think she was more nervous than excited. But not for long!!!

They saw the candy store, gift shops and arcade just as we walked in the door and that’s all it took. After we finally made it up to the room to change, we hurried to check out the three separate water parks on the property. The first on had a HUGE wave pool and maybe one slide ride. We went in the pool for a while, but it was just too much for lil ole Cass. Her skinny butt just kept falling thru the tube hole. Plus, it was SOOO super cold in there. Now, I have been to 2 indoor water parks in my life. Twice to Great Wolf and once to Blue Harbor. Both of those places were very comfortable!!! Not this place. So with goose bumps and hard nips, we trekked over to the next park.

This one had a variety of slides as well as a Lazy River. Lazy Rivers are typically my favorite “ride” in any water park. I only wish you were allowed to hold a Pina Colada as you drift through the intensely chlorinated water lounging on an inner tube with your ass in the water. But, oh well…the drink can wait. Yet again, the water and the air were just too damn cold!! What the hell??!! We didn’t stay too long…a couple slides, a few trips through the river and then we were on to park number 3.

The last park, which was also the furthest away, was clearly the best choice for us. There were several individual slides, a couple you could do as doubles, a family one, a fort play area for the kids and an indoor/outdoor hot tub. We decided this was the one for us and we stayed there for a few hours. Each park had a bar/concession place. So we had a couple drinks in between our sliding adventures. It was a fun time. And thankfully, this park was slightly more tolerable in temperature.

We eventually realized we were starving so we went back to the room to change and then went to one of the restaurants on site – buffet. During this trip, we filled our gullets at glutenous buffets. Not cool when you are wearing a swim suit for two days straight. Anyway, we ate and then went to one of the arcades. It was HUGE. Way bigger than the afore mentioned C.E.C. We all played some games and then went to bed…boy had it been a long ass day. Fun though.

The next day was pretty much an exact replica, however, we just spent most of the time at the one park. We stopped at a pizza/salad buffet place on the way home for dinner just so we could grossly stuff ourselves again. And then we were on our way. Unfortunately, just as we entered the freeway, it began to snow and it was already dark (about 7ish). It was difficult to see and then something happened that REALLY sucked.

We were going along and I just kept getting more and more nervous. I would try to close my eyes, control my breathing and even took an extra “chill” pill. But it still happened. An anxiety attack. Now, it was NOT comparable to those i had in the past. Much less severe and I was able to stop it after a certain point with distraction. Thank God. But I was very upset because I have gone a good 6 or so years without one at all. I felt kinda defeated. But then I got to thinking (yea, it hurt)…this was a situational anxiety attack. The PANIC attacks I used to have regularly were not situational and would happen for no apparent reason at any given time. So, I settled with myself that this was different. I had actual cause to be anxious and I was able to control it to a degree. This was NOT a relapse. And I will stick to that conclusion.

Eventually the snow died down and aside from Mackenzie feeling car sick (we stopped to get her some medicine), the rest of the trip was uneventful. All and all, it was a good trip and I am glad we went. I got plenty of water up my nose so that my sinuses were perfectly clear by the time we returned and I was no longer sick!! Even though I ate like a sow with PMS, I didn’t gain any weight because we had to walk up so many stairs!! The kids were happy and appreciative and that makes me happy and appreciative. My husband and I didn’t have any major explosions and actually got along quite well…well, for the Bickersons anyway 😉 Yea, it was a good decision. But next time…I am choosing a warmer water park!!!

HERE is the page with the pics from our trip…unfortunately most did not turn out. Boo.

Later I want to write about the body dilemma I faced while on vacation…the torment of the swim suit…and my constantly comparing myself to other women. But, that is for another post…


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