Saturday Night PreachersOpening for The Little River Band on Sunday, The Saturday Night Preachers were more than a pleasant surprise. A local family band brimming with harmonious vocals, toe tapping strings and even an electric mandolin had me bouncin’ in my seat and mesmerizedd by the female lead vocals.

Norm Pratt III, Jason Pratt, Anneliese Pratt, and Norm Pratt Jr. make up this spectacular band who classify themselves as Bluegrass/Folk/Americana. My husband preferred them to The Little River Band…and to be honest, so did I. don;t get me wrong. I do really like TLRB…but on a different level. They are familiar..I know all the words…fun to dance to…remind me of childhood. But these guys…great talent who deserve much recognition. When they opened at Memorial Hall it was just the father and son who preformed. The other brother and daughter-in-law/wife/sister-in-law…lol…are also a part of the band whom we watched play later that night at Ivanhoe’s Pub.

The Saturday Night Preachers won their chance to open for The Little River Band in a contest  put on by Ivanhoe’s the previous week. I did not hear the other contestants…but I don’t think I need to in order to be certain the best gained victory. The contest only allowed for only 2acousticcperformerss per entry. I wondered how they decided who would enter and who would step back. I think it would have been great regardless of the choices made…I just wonder how this family went about making the decision and why. Gesh, I am so over analytical!!

I strongly recommend seeing this band when you get the chance.

HERE is their website. And some pics and video (terrible picture, I do apologize) below…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Preachers

  1. Anneliese,

    Oh you are so welcome!! Your music/voice gives me goosebumps (is that weird?). I don’t suppose you or any of your band mates live or work in Mt. Pleasant or Sturtevant?? I write for the Mt. Pleasant/Sturtevant section of and I would love to profile you in my column!! I do need to have a tie in somehow to one of the villages just to make it location specific as far as the site goes. Anyway, if that is a possibility – please let me know!! ORRRR if you have an upcoming show at a Mt Pleasant/Sturtevant venue…that would work too as an event story most likely. Anyway, let me know 🙂

    Best of luck to all of you including and especially Baby Pratt!!

    Heather –

  2. What a great review and thank you so much for sharing our website information. I’m glad you liked us! Hope to see you at future shows and we will definitely be checking in on your blog…very entertaining itself! Take care,
    aka The Preacherette

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