Giving Thanks to Racine and Mt Pleasant Fire, Police and DPW – HELP!



Another update!!!

So I worked it out with O&H. They will be delivering (for free) Kringles to Racine Fire and Police, Mt Pleasant Fire and Police and DPW on Friday. I have until Thursday night to collect and get everything in order.

And great news – as their donation, they are giving us 10% off on top of the free delivery!!!

Thanks to all who have donated and reposted!!! I appreciate ANY help!!!

Listening to the police scanner last night (Racine City/County), I heard these poor men and women in such horrible circumstances. If we think we have it bad shoveling, plowing, blowing today…it is nothing compared to what they went through last night.

I would like to know if anyone else would be interested in sending O&H goodies to both departments today/tomorrow as a thank you. Let me know and if enough people are interested I will figure out the details and do all the work.

UPDATE…so…all the donations will be equally split between the Racine Police Dept, Dept of Public Works, Racine Fire Dept, Mt. Pleasant Police Dept and Mount Pleasant Fire Dept. Is that good? Hopefully we will get enough to make it worth it.

O&H has agreed to donate delivery and help us out!! Let’s get those donations!!!

Please follow this link to help out!!!


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