Today is…what…Wednesday? I wouldn’t really know since I only slept about 90 minutes last night. I feel like a zombie and I should really be sleeping. I am sick. NOOO…not that way. Well, sometimes…but that is for another blog. Like sick, sick. My nose goes between completely stuffed or super dry…you know, that dry where it kinda even hurts to inhale nasally? I really just feel like my head is blowing up like a balloon and just may at any moment float into the sky…and let’s face it…it’s too damn cold out there for floatin’ heads. So, this needs to be nipped in the ass. The ass of the nose. Okay, whatever, I don’t know. I cannot be sick. And worse – I am paranoid the kids will get sick and our home will turn into a petri dish. So, I am hopin’ super hard that this is gone when I wake up (hopefully from a long, deep, wonderful sleep).

What a busy weekend coming up all of a sudden. Charlie got the big idea to take the kids to a water park this weekend. He brought it up this morning…come on!! I need more mental prep time for something like that!! I was able to find a super good deal at The Wilderness Resort in the Wisconsin Dells. So we will be staying one night and (hopefully…if I have not yet died from this viral invasion) enjoying the park for two days. So, that gives me about 36 hours to prep my half dressed, disgusting, winter body for public viewing. Ugh. I am as white as my teeth used to be. I haven’t shaved my legs in weeks. And let’s just say, I am in desperate need for some full body laser hair removal. The shit is out of control. One drawback to being Italian. I am hoping a couple sessions in the tanning booth, 100 crunches a day and some good ole Nair will at least get me to the point of not barfing in front of the mirror (whether or not others do is not my responsibility).

We are surprising the kids. We are going to play as though we are dropping them off at school but then keep driving while they wonder and wonder. HAHA…I love the mental torture 🙂 I will pack their bags tomorrow and hide them under a blanket in the back of the Jeep. They will know where we are going once we arrive. Fun, no?? Am I a bad mom for taking them out of school to go down a couple water slides? Guess what, don’t care.

After we return, my mom is coming into town so that she can watch Cassidy while Charlie and I go to The Little River Band concert at Memorial Hall. When I tell people who I am going to see they either look at me like I am a geek from the 70s or they have never heard of the band (which turns into an embarressing real life version of American Idol – during the auditons). Of course, most of the people I talk to are 20-somethings…if that! So, being the big ole 70s dork that I am, I will be puttin’ on my heals for a night out…doing something different for a change. Yeahhhh Me 🙂

That is also the night of my work’s Xmas party. So we MIGHT stop if there is time after the concert. I don’t really know anyone all that well and so many of them have been there for years…I feel like such an outsider. So, I dunno. We shall see.

We both have off on Monday so it will be our day of relaxation while the kiddos are in school. And I will definitely need it after this crazy surprise weekend!!

Alright. I need to eat and get some sleep so I don’t feel like calling 911 again tonight. (whimper)

Night y’all.

OH!! P.S. We have been thinking more and more about moving to Texas. Who knows if this will ever happen…but we are just lookin’ and dreamin’. Wondering what some of you think of Texas. Where is it more liberal than conservative? How close can we get to the ocean and still be safe from hurricanes? Where are their fresh water lakes (for boating)? What is the job market like? Crime? We have looked at (via internet) San Antonio, Austin and Corpus Cristi. Neither of us have been there so we are considering taking a trip (sans kids) late summer. Anyway, suggestions, warnings, advice…throw ’em my way 🙂


7 thoughts on “Full of Snot and Too Busy to Get Sick

  1. Do you not realize that people are constantly updating their blogs/Facebook/Twitter about where they are? There is even a specific application that lets you click it right on the top of the FB Status Update. Its a new world and there are always dangers. People also know when and where people are at work…in FACT I seem to remember a certain person announcing that their wife was home alone while he was on a business trip…that seems much more dangerous. The worst that could happen in this situation is the loss of an insured TV. So save it.

  2. And if we do get robbed, which I am just not concerned about, I am glad I have your IP address. PS…I know who u r

    1. Just saying you might want to reconsider the level of detail you want to share online. A little too easy to put together a timeline.

      1. I just counted 10 people on the first page of my newsfeed who have posted when and where they will be away from home. My guess is that some of your FB friends do as well. I am curious…do you give all of them this lecture? Get off your high horse. You are not any smarted or more enlightened than me or anyone else.

  3. Quite unwise to broadcast that your house might be empty starting approximately school starting time and lasting possibly two full days on the net. Lets see, you are tricking the kids by pretending to take them to school, but driving to the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells, which is several hours away right? You are staying overnight, so unless you are literally having someone stay at your house, your house is empty the majority of Friday.

    Since it is a mini vacation, you will likely sleep in. If you leave immediately, you may be home again around lunch time… You mentioned staying to play the second day, so you probably would have to check out around 11am. I’m sure you probably will stay longer during the day, so you likely won’t be back in town until mid to late evening.

    It seems like plenty of time to clean out a house.

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