Later on I will be taking down my last post (Breaking the Silence). Not because I think it is wrong to talk about it…not because I want to do anyone any favors. But because I need to break away from this. I need to stop giving away my power. I need to stop thinking I can fix everyone and everything. I may just have to watch my step daughter, whom I have loved and cared for since she was 14 months, go down a scary path lacking tools she will need. It scares me for her, for us and for my daughter. But I cannot keep doing this. We will have our rules here and what happens over there just does. We can only do our best and that is what we will do. We have a happy family here and the only issues are when her influence is involved. That needs to stop and it stops with me reacting to it and caring about it. It will take some time, but I am hopeful.

Anyway, I am waiting for those who commented to see my responses…by tomorrow it will be gone and I wanted you to know why.


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